Morning Headlines - Monday, Mar. 27, 2023

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Morning Headlines - Monday, Mar. 27, 2023

U.S. and World Headlines

U.S. And Mexico Weighing Deal For Mexico To Crack Down On Fentanyl Going North While U.S. Cracks Down On Guns Going South

The U.S. is preparing to announce a deal with Mexico to counter fentanyl coming across the southern border, with Mexico cracking down on labs and smuggling while the U.S. does more to stop the flow of U.S. guns into Mexico, two sources familiar with the strategy told NBC News.

Mexican military and police, with the help of U.S. law enforcement, will focus on tracking raw materials for fentanyl being shipped to Mexico, finding and shutting down labs that make the deadly synthetic opioid and going after key players in the illicit fentanyl trade, the sources said.

In return, the Biden administration has agreed to more tightly control and track firearms crossing from the U.S. into Mexico.

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Hunter Biden Probes Put GOP Under Some Pressure

House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) said recently that his committee’s investigations into Hunter Biden and his business transactions are just “beginning” as he seeks to create a headache for the White House as President Biden prepares to launch his reelection campaign.

Comer and his committee are trying to unveil whether Biden’s son’s business dealings abroad were connected to the president himself.

Other investigations have shown no involvement by the president, but Comer insists his committee’s inquiries into the family’s dealings will prove to be a fruitful effort.

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Would Democrats Rather Face Donald Trump Or Ron Desantis In 2024?

Who would Democrats rather see as the GOP’s 2024 presidential nominee — Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis?

Yes, I know Democratic voters largely won’t have a say here. nor can they make the Republican electorate vote a certain way. And it’s still early to speculate about who will win the Republican presidential primary, much less the general election — DeSantis isn’t even officially in the race! — but as we’ve written before, early polls shouldn’t necessarily get tossed aside.

So what gives? Do Democrats want their own party to face a tougher fight next year?

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Pushback Grows Over Mental Health Impacts Of Social Media

Social media companies are increasingly being blamed for historically high rates of depression, suicidality and other mental health issues in youths. And now, states and local governments are increasingly pursuing legislation and legal action.

Utah just passed a law limiting social media for minors and school districts in Seattle and San Mateo County, California, are suing leading platforms, charging they're delivering harmful content to kids. It comes just as Congress ratcheted up pressure for a ban on TikTok for, among other things, the harmful impact it's had on kids.

The Biden administration's surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, weighed in last month, telling CNN that age 13 is "too early" for kids to join social media.

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Biden’s FAA Nominee Bows Out, After Senators Waver

President Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Federal Aviation Administration withdrew his nomination on Saturday evening, following nine months in limbo and amid concerns from senators in both parties over his background and relative lack of aviation experience.

DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg tweeted late Saturday that Phil Washington, the CEO of Denver International Airport, has decided to take himself out of the running.

“The FAA needs a confirmed Administrator, and Phil Washington’s transportation & military experience made him an excellent nominee,” Buttigieg tweeted. “The partisan attacks and procedural obstruction he has faced are undeserved, but I respect his decision to withdraw and am grateful for his service.”

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Wisconsin Headlines

Anthony Chergosky On Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Attack Ads

UW-La Crosse political science professor Anthony Chergosky examines negative campaign advertising from candidates and their supporters in the 2023 contest between Daniel Kelly and Janet Protasiewicz.

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How Cash Bail Laws Are At Stake On Wisconsin's April Ballot

With the future of abortion rights and redistricting hanging in the balance, all eyes are on the April election for Wisconsin Supreme Court. But for people who find themselves in front of a judge, two questions on the ballot could have more substantial consequences than who controls the state's highest panel.

A proposed constitutional amendment will let voters choose whether it should be harder to get out of jail on bail. Early voters have reported confusion over what the proposal would do and how the questions are worded.

The first question asks voters if they think judges should be able to set conditions to protect the public from serious harm when releasing people before trial. The second asks whether judges should be allowed to consider past convictions for violent crimes when setting bail for someone accused of a violent crime.

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Special Election In Wisconsin's 8th Senate District Will Decide Fate Of Senate's Two-Thirds Majority

Under the shadow of the Wisconsin Supreme Court race is a special election that will determine whether Republicans secure a two-thirds majority in one house of the state Legislature.

The 8th District seat in southeastern Wisconsin was held for three decades by Republican state Sen. Alberta Darling. With Darling's retirement, the seat is up for grabs. While the district has long been dominated by Republicans and still favors the GOP, Democrats hope growing support in Milwaukee's suburbs gives their candidate an opportunity to flip the seat.

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Six Arrested For Trafficking Fentanyl From Arizona To Madison, Wis.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) today announced the arrest of six individuals for their participation in coordinating over five kilograms in fentanyl shipments from Arizona to Madison, Wis. through the United States Postal Service. At the time of the arrest, six firearms were seized, including one modified to be fully automatic.

“The U.S. Postal Inspection Service works diligently to preserve the integrity of the US Mail,” said Ruth M. Mendonça, Inspector in Charge of the Chicago Division of the United States Postal Inspection Service, which includes Wisconsin. “People who use the mail to distribute dangerous drugs cause great harm to our communities, and they also place USPS employees at risk of exposure to dangerous controlled substances as well as violence associated with drug trafficking. These arrests reflect successful teamwork among federal, state and local law enforcement. We want the public to know that U.S. Postal Inspectors will aggressively pursue anyone who attempts to use the Postal Service for criminal activity."

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DNR Secretary Appoints Steven Little Deputy Secretary; Mark Aquino Assistant Deputy Secretary

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Secretary Adam N. Payne announced that he is appointing DNR Assistant Deputy Secretary Steven C. Little to serve as DNR Deputy Secretary beginning April 9, 2023, filling the role previously held by Sarah Barry.

“Sarah had been with the DNR since early 2022, and we are grateful for her public service and leadership in the Agency,” Payne said. “Sarah will certainly be missed by our DNR family, and we wish her and her family well.”

Little has served as the Assistant Deputy Secretary since 2020, and brings to the DNR's Leadership Team more than 25 years of public policy, executive budget management, financial regulatory, and government relations experience in both the public and private sectors. Before accepting an appointment as the Director of Management and Budget for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in 2019, he was a Senior Vice President of Government Relations for Citigroup Inc., focusing on state government relations in the Upper Midwest.

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