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How Anti-Critical Race Theory Bills Are Taking Aim At Teachers

This spring, a high school English teacher in Missouri lost her job following parents’ complaints that one of her assignments taught critical race theory.

The teacher had assigned a worksheet titled “How Racially Privileged Are You?” as prep material for reading the school-approved book “Dear Martin,” a novel about a Black high school student who is physically assaulted by a white police officer. But despite the teacher’s insistence that she wasn’t teaching her students critical race theory, an academic legal framework that asserts that racism is systemic and embedded in many American institutions, the local school board disagreed and determined that the material was objectionable.

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A Cheat Sheet For The Next Tech Downturn

A lasting market downturn is unlikely to knock the tech industry from its perch at the top of American business, but it would reshape the tech world's dynamics in profound ways.

The last big recession to hit Silicon Valley bottomed out 20 years ago, and last week's stock market carnage has tech's leaders and footsoldiers digging through their memory attics to remember what that feels like.

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From Handshakes To Hostilities: How Dangerous Is The Situation In North Korea?

Kim Jong-un is testing North Korea's weapons with renewed urgency, as South Korea prepares to inaugurate a new, hard-line president. After years of stalemate, following failed nuclear talks, tensions on the Korean peninsula are rising.

"I thought about getting an axe, but I decided it would be too difficult to carry, so I settled for a knife."

Sitting in a dimly-lit cocktail bar, late one night, Jenn recounts her detailed escape plan. As a South Korean, living in Seoul, she knew exactly what she would do if the North attacked.

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Hunter Biden Enlists Hollywood Mega-Lawyer For Counsel And Funding, Sources Say

Hunter Biden has garnered quiet support and financial backing from a high-powered Hollywood attorney while awaiting the outcome of a long-running federal investigation into his taxes and finances being conducted by the U.S. attorney in Delaware, multiple sources told CBS News.

Kevin Morris, the attorney known for crafting the $550 million licensing deal for the creators of South Park and who later won a Tony award as a co-producer of the hit musical "Book of Mormon," is now crafting a legal and media strategy for Hunter Biden.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Abortion Tops Agenda As Lawmakers Return

Lawmakers return to Capitol Hill this week for a two-week stretch to deal with a potpourri of issues, headlined by the Democratic response to the leaked opinion draft by the Supreme Court that could precipitate the end of Roe v. Wade.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) late last week teed up a vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would essentially codify Roe into law. The vote is expected to take place midweek.

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Sheriff's Official: 4 Children Die In Wisconsin House Fire

Four children died with their pets in a house fire in a small town in east central Wisconsin. Captain Jeffrey Spencer of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said the four victims were children. The sheriff’s office and fire department have not released the names or ages of the victims.

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Fire At Wisconsin Anti-Abortion Office Investigated As Arson, Police Say

Arson investigators were probing a fire Sunday inside the headquarters of anti-abortion group Wisconsin Family Action, where someone had spray-painted a message outside the building.

Madison police spokeswoman Stephanie Fryer told the Wisconsin State Journal that the fire reported shortly after 6 a.m. Sunday in Madison was suspicious in nature. Federal officials and the Madison Fire Department are helping with the investigation.

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Why USS Wisconsin Can Claim The Crown Of Best Battleship Ever

The Iowa-class battleships were unretired so many times for a simple reason: they were the best battleships to ever sail. And the USS Wisconsin might just be the best of the best. Here is her story: USS Wisconsin (BB-64) was the third Iowa-class battleship to be constructed during the Second World War. Built at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she was launched on December 7, 1943 – the second anniversary of the Pearl Harbor raid. During the war, she served exclusively in the Pacific, but later would see service that would take her around the globe.

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This Year's Bird Flu Epidemic Impacting More Backyard Flocks Than In 2015

Rick Abendroth and his family have operated Abendroth’s Hatchery in Waterloo for more than 50 years. They sell newly-hatched poultry and waterfowl to commercial operations and people with flocks in their backyards or hobby farms.

Abendroth said the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in the state this spring has divided their customers into two camps.

"Either a person's really skeptical about getting new birds because they're afraid of it, and other people are like, they don't even believe it exists," he said.

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Calls Pour In For Dog Found Tied To Fire Hydrant In Wisconsin

Just days after a dog was found abandoned in Green Bay, Wisconsin, calls poured in from all over the country from people wanting to give the good girl a home.

Wisconsin Humane Society animal behavior evaluator, Kari Weishan, joined WFXR’s sister station, WFRV, on Friday, May 6 to give an update on how the nearly 6-year-old dog named ‘Baby Girl’ is doing.

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