Morning Headlines - Monday, Nov. 27, 2023

U.S. & World and Wisconsin headlines, and today's meme.

Morning Headlines - Monday, Nov. 27, 2023

U.S. and World Headlines

Israel And Hamas Look Open To Extending Truce On Its Final Day, With One More Hostage Swap Planned

Israel and Hamas appeared open to extending a cease-fire in Gaza that has halted their deadliest and most destructive war but is set to expire after Monday, with a fourth exchange of militant-held hostages for Palestinians imprisoned by Israel planned for later in the day.

Israel has said it would extend the cease-fire by one day for every 10 additional hostages released. Hamas has also said it hopes to extend the four-day truce, which came into effect Friday after several weeks of indirect negotiations mediated by the United States, Qatar and Egypt.

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Israel-Palestine Conflict: A Brief History In Maps And Charts

Israel’s deadly bombardment of Gaza has killed nearly 15,000 people, including 10,000 women and children, in over 50 days, making it the deadliest war for the besieged Palestinian enclave till date.

Israel has rebuffed calls for a ceasefire as a four-day humanitarian truce comes to an end on November 28. It is unclear whether the truce will be extended.

The devastation of Gaza and the mounting death toll has triggered worldwide protests, bringing the decades-long issue to the centre-stage of global politics.

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U.S. Members Of Congress Not Seeking Re-Election, By Month Of Announcement

Lawmakers are fleeing Congress at a record clip, with 13 senators and representatives announcing this month they won't seek re-election — the highest number in more than a decade, according to Ballotpedia.

Rancor and recriminations from the House speaker's battle, a surge in partisan censures and impeachments and yet another government shutdown threat have created a perfect storm for retirements.

The routine infighting and childish behavior — insults like "p***y" and "smurf" were exchanged on Capitol Hill this month — has exhausted some lawmakers. But the exits are also driven by ambition.

Seven senators and 31 House members in total have announced they'll be leaving.

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This US Bomber Is Why China Suddenly Wants To Talk About Nukes And AI

The Air Force’s super-secret B-21 Raider stealth bomber quietly made its first flight in California on Nov. 10, flying from the factory to Edwards AFB at not much more than tree-top level.

Yes, right before China’s President Xi Jinping visited San Francisco. All of a sudden China wants to start talks on AI and nuclear weapons.

"The leaders affirmed the need to address the risks of advanced AI systems and improve AI safety through U.S.-China government talks," the White House stated on Nov. 15 after President Biden met with Xi.

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What's Merriam-Webster's Word Of The Year For 2023? Hint: Be True To Yourself

In an age of deepfakes and post-truth, as artificial intelligence rose and Elon Musk turned Twitter into X, the Merriam-Webster word of the year for 2023 is “authentic.”

Authentic cuisine. Authentic voice. Authentic self. Authenticity as artifice. Lookups for the word are routinely heavy on the dictionary company's site but were boosted to new heights throughout the year, editor at large Peter Sokolowski told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview.

“We see in 2023 a kind of crisis of authenticity,” he said ahead of Monday's announcement of this year's word. “What we realize is that when we question authenticity, we value it even more.”

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Wisconsin Headlines

Satanic 'Hail Santa' Christmas Tree Faces Blowback For Display At Wisconsin Museum

A Wisconsin museum is facing backlash after its annual Christmas tree festival included a Christmas tree from the Satanic temple.

National Railroad Museum in Ashwaubenon featured 66 trees on display. The tree from the Satanic Temple of Wisconsin invoked the ire of a Republican congressman, who called it "cultural propaganda" and "offensive."

"Conservatives are often accused of launching a culture war or focusing or fixating on cultural issues. But here is a perfect example of how that's not what's happening. What's happening is we're just trying to defend basic traditions or defend our children in the midst of these basic traditions, from the encroachment of woke ideology or offensive upside down cultural propaganda," Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., said on Sunday Morning Futures.

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The Number Of Car Accidents Involving Deer In Wisconsin Continues To Stay Steady

The number of car accidents involving deer has stayed steady.

According to an official with Wisconsin's Dept. of Transportation, drivers are expected to hit around as many deer this year as they have in the last three years.

Wisconsin's DNR says most deer-vehicle collisions happen in October and November, when deer are most active during their breeding phase.

Data from the DNR shows there's been a decrease in deer-vehicle collisions in Wisconsin since 2017, but you are more likely to hit a deer now than you were 15 years ago.

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Reports Analyze Ways City And County Of Milwaukee Could Avert Future Budget Deficits

Two new reports explore potential ways the city and county of Milwaukee could save money to avoid future budget deficits.

Even as state lawmakers allowed the city and county to implement new sales tax hikes next year, both local governments will likely see budget gaps again in the near future.

One report from the Greater Milwaukee Committee found that the city could increase fees for sanitation, forestry and snow and ice control, sell city-owned parking lots, implement red light cameras and sell an office building in order to save money in the coming years. Another report from the Policy Forum researched ways for the city and county of Milwaukee to consolidate services in an effort to cut costs.

This, as the city of Milwaukee is expecting a budget deficit of around $17 million starting in 2025.

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Wisconsin Earns No. 3 Overall Seed In NCAA Tournament

Fresh off an electric weekend with two wins, the Wisconsin Badgers will turn their focus to the postseason. The program will make its 11th straight and 27th overall appearance to the NCAA Tournament.

Wisconsin will host Jackson State in the opening round on Thursday, November 30. Head coach Kelly Sheffield always enjoys the joys Selection Sunday delivers as his Badgers being the quest for a national title.

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Badgers Beat Gophers 28-14 To Take Back Paul Bunyan's Axe Behind Allen's Ground Attack

Wisconsin's offense underwent a major makeover this season under new coach Luke Fickell and his staff, and the process of becoming a faster-paced, pass-friendly team wasn't pretty.

Braelon Allen and the blockers in front of him helped the Badgers return to their roots with a spirited win over their biggest rival.

Allen rushed for a season-high 165 yards and two touchdowns to carry Wisconsin past Minnesota 28-14 on Saturday, giving the Badgers possession of Paul Bunyan's Axe after a two-year absence.

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