Morning Headlines - Monday, Sept. 19, 2022

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Morning Headlines - Monday, Sept. 19, 2022

U.S. and World Headlines

State Funeral For Queen Elizabeth Il Ushers In The End Of An Era

Monday finally marks the end of the second Elizabethan age. Westminster Abbey's tenor bell tolled 96 times, once for each year of Queen Elizabeth II's life, before her coffin was carried in for the state funeral.

Behind it followed her eldest son, King Charles III, who at age 73 is finally taking the reins of the kingdom.

The service began after the epic line of devoted mourners who had spent four days filing past her coffin was halted and more than a week of ceremonies steeped in ancient tradition came to a close.

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Iran Faces US In International Court Over Asset Seizure

Iran told the United Nation’s highest court on Monday that Washington’s confiscation of some $2 billion in assets from Iranian state bank accounts to compensate bombing victims was an attempt to destabilize the Iranian government and a violation of international law.

In 2016, Tehran filed a suit at the International Court of Justice after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled money held in Iran’s central bank could be used to compensate the 241 victims of a 1983 bombing of a U.S. military base in Lebanon believed linked to Iran.

Hearings in the case opened Monday in the Hague-based court, starting with Iran's arguments. The proceedings will continue with opening statements by Washington on Wednesday.

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Biden Tells 60 Minutes U.S. Troops Would Defend Taiwan, But White House Says This Is Not Official U.S. Policy

"What should Chinese President Xi know about your commitment to Taiwan?" Pelley asked the president.

"We agree with what we signed onto a long time ago," the president said. "And that there's one China policy, and Taiwan makes their own judgments about their independence. We are not moving-- we're not encouraging their being independent. We're not-- that-- that's their decision."

"So unlike Ukraine, to be clear, sir," Pelley said, "U.S. forces, U.S. men and women would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion?"

"Yes," the president said.

After the interview, a White House official said U.S. policy on Taiwan has not changed. Officially, the U.S. maintains "strategic ambiguity" on whether American forces would defend Taiwan, but the Taiwan Relations Act obligates the U.S. to help equip Taiwan to defend itself.

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Trump’s Favorability Rating Drops To New Low: Poll

Former President Trump’s favorability rating has dropped to a new low after slowly trickling down over the past few months.

A new NBC News poll released Sunday found that 34 percent of registered voters said they have a positive view of Trump, while 54 percent say they have a negative view of him. Trump’s favorability rating was at its lowest in April 2021, when his rating fell to 32 percent in the same NBC poll.

The former president’s favorability score is down slightly since last month, with the same 54 percent saying they have a negative view of Trump, but 36 percent saying they had a positive view of him.

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Employers' Coming Health Care Crunch

All signs are pointing toward significantly higher health costs in the employer market next year, which will translate into larger-than-normal premium increases.

Employers will have to choose between taking the hit or passing the added cost to their employees — a decision that's particularly difficult in a tight labor market.

Seven in 10 employers expect moderate to significant increases in the cost of health benefits over the next three years, according to a recent Willis Towers Watson survey.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Suspect Found After Shelter-In-Place Warning Issued In Chippewa County, Wisconsin

After Chippewa County officials asked residents in Wheaton, Wisconsin to shelter in place on Friday evening, they say a suspect has been found.

Authorities said the man was dangerous, and asked people in the area of County Highway T and Highway 29 to stay inside, lock all doors and windows, and secure their cars.

In a Facebook post on Saturday afternoon, they said the subject was located.

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At Michels Rally, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Says Wisconsin Can Follow His State's Conservative Lead

Republican Tim Michels pledged to cut taxes, institute universal school choice and "stop the indefinitely confined status" for absentee voters in a campaign appearance with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Sunday night in Green Bay.

The crowd — packed into a ballroom at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center — also heard brief speeches by U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Green Bay, who is running unopposed this year, and GOP U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, who came from a Green Bay Packers tailgate to speak at the rally and left in time to catch the team’s home opener against the Chicago Bears.

DeSantis, widely seen as a potential rival to former president Donald Trump for the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nomination, used his speech to promote conservative Florida as a "citadel of freedom" that resisted public health restrictions and liberal education initiatives. DeSantis promised that Michels would follow his lead if elected in Wisconsin.

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La Crosse Man Sentenced To 25 Years For Child Exploitation Crimes

Harry L. Euler, 46, of La Crosse, Wisconsin was sentenced yesterday by U.S. District Judge William M. Conley to 25 years in federal prison, to be followed by 20 years of supervised release, for using minors to produce child pornography. Euler pleaded guilty to this charge on June 2, 2022.

Euler caused numerous minors in the Philippines to be sexually assaulted. An exact number cannot be determined because much of his conduct is unknown and victims are difficult to identify in the Philippines. He communicated directly with at least two minors and paid them to engage in sexually explicit conduct with other minors. He also paid adults to create sexually explicit images and videos of minors to send to him, including some of whom he paid for images of their own children. He also sent images of the minors to other people.

In finding a 25-year sentence warranted, Judge Conley noted the defendant engaged in egregious behavior that was destructive toward children.

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Wisconsin Homeowner Kills Intruder After Being Attacked

A Wisconsin homeowner fought with an intruder and eventually killed the assailant.

Kenosha Police said the incident happened Friday evening after someone reported that a suspicious person was damaging vehicles and trying to enter homes.

The suspect eventually broke into a home and attacked the homeowner. Police said “the homeowner fought back and the intruder was subsequently killed during the struggle.”

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Rodgers, Packers Lean On Jones, Take Care Of Bears 27-10

Aaron Jones made sure the Green Bay Packers' promise to get him the ball more often paid off.

Jones rushed for 132 yards and a touchdown and caught a scoring pass from Aaron Rodgers, who continued his domination of the Chicago Bears by leading Green Bay to a 27-10 victory on Sunday night.

Jones had five carries for 49 yards and three catches for 27 yards in a season-opening 23-7 loss at Minnesota, and the Packers (1-1) vowed he'd have a bigger role.

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