Morning Headlines - Tuesday, Jul. 4, 2023

U.S. & World and Wisconsin trending headlines, and the meme of the day.

Morning Headlines - Tuesday, Jul. 4, 2023

U.S. and World Headlines

Was The Last Battle Of The American Revolution Fought In India? A Growing Number Of Historians Think So

Final Jeopardy category: the American Revolutionary War.

The answer is: The last battle of America’s war of independence was fought on this continent.

Cue the familiar music, and write down your response.

If you said “What is North America?” and wagered your entire pot, you’ve lost. At least that’s what a growing number of historians will tell you.

They’ll say the correct response should have been, “What is Asia?”

Ummm, what?!

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The First GOP Debate Is At Risk Of Losing Its Draw

The GOP primary debate seemed originally like it could result in political fireworks. But with less than two months to go, it is veering toward something far less crowded and consequential.

The party’s rigid donor criteria stands to limit the number of GOP candidates that debate in Milwaukee this August. Its polling requirements could trip up campaigns, too. Several candidates are openly mocking the Republican National Committee’s idea of a loyalty pledge requirement to participate. The leading candidate, Donald Trump, is downplaying the idea that he will show up at all.

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Instagram Owner To Launch Twitter Rival On Thursday

Facebook owner Meta is launching its new app to rival Twitter and says it will go live on Thursday.

The app, which is called Threads and is available for pre-order on the Apple App Store, will be linked to Instagram.

Screengrabs show a dashboard that looks similar to Twitter. Meta describes Threads as a "text based conversation app".

The move is the latest in a rivalry between Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter owner Elon Musk.

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Congressional Republicans Offer Their Own Student Loan Debt Solution

In the wake of the Supreme Court's Friday ruling striking down the Biden administration's student loan debt cancellation plan, Republicans are moving forward with their own proposed solution.

Conservative lawmakers from both chambers, vocally opposed to the president's landmark program, which they said was an overreach, celebrated the court's decision.

Even with the 6-3 ruling against him, President Joe Biden on Friday laid out alternative options to his original call for sweeping debt forgiveness, though some specific details remain unclear.

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RNC Debate Rules Leave Long Shot Candidates With Few Options

Lesser-known candidates vying for the Republican nomination are facing a difficult problem: How to break through a crowded field if you can’t make it on the debate stage.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) in June outlined the criteria candidates will need to meet to get on stage for the first primary debate in August, including a having certain number of donors and meeting a polling threshold.

But candidates with less name recognition or who have joined the race late may have a difficult time meeting those requirements, potentially limiting their opportunity to introduce themselves to a wider audience and gain traction with voters.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Battle Over Wisconsin's Top Elections Official Could Have Ripple Effects For 2024

A fight over whether Wisconsin’s top elections official will keep her job has potential implications for the 2024 presidential contest in a perennial battleground where statewide margins are typically razor thin.

Meagan Wolfe, the nonpartisan administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, has been a target of conspiracy theorists who falsely claim she was part of a plan to rig the 2020 vote to secure President Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in the state.

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Food Prices Are Lower This Summer Than In 2022. But You May Pay More For That Fourth Of July Burger

After a record-breaking year in 2022, Wisconsinites can expect the cost of a cookout to be slightly lower this Independence Day.

An annual survey of grocery stores done by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation found a cookout for 10 people cost an average of $66.72. That's about 4 percent lower than last year's average, which was the highest on record for the survey. This year's meal is still the second-highest total recorded over the last 10 years and is almost 11 percent higher than the same meal in 2021.

Cassie Sonnentag, spokesperson for Wisconsin Farm Bureau, said many of the issues that drove up prices in 2022 are still affecting the food supply chain.

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Robin Lopez Returns To Milwaukee Bucks, Reunites With Brother Brook

Robin Lopez has agreed to a deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, which will reunite him with his brother, Brook Lopez.

Shams Charania first broke the news Monday. Robin, a free agent, played for the Cavaliers last year and served as a backup to his brother Brook for the Bucks in 2019-20.

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Wisconsin DNR At Center Of Lawsuit Against Beaver Management Program

The conservation nonprofit Superior Bio-Conservancy is taking legal action against the federal Wildlife Services division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for its alleged widespread killing of beavers, accidental otter killings and beaver dam destruction.

That division is contracted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for a beaver management program that spans 1,800 miles of streams to protect trout, according to Bob Boucher, the president of Superior Bio-Conservancy.

"We are suing because this beaver elimination program violates the public trust and is directly at odds with the (Wisconsin) DNR's mission to protect and enhance our natural resources and our wildlife," Boucher said.

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Roller Coaster Riders Stuck Upside Down For Hours After 'Mechanical Failure' At Wisconsin Festival

Thrill seekers at a Wisconsin festival were given a major scare over the holiday weekend after the roller coaster they were riding got stuck, leaving them hanging upside down for hours.

The roller coaster at the Forest County Festival in Crandon appeared to shut down midride on Sunday, leaving some passengers hanging upside down for at least three hours.

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