Morning Headlines - Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023

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Morning Headlines - Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023

U.S. and World Headlines

Israel-Hamas War Live: Gaza Hospitals Overwhelmed, Rafah Area Bombed

  • Hospitals overwhelmed as the Israeli army continues bombardment of the Gaza Strip, four days after Hamas sent rockets and fighters into Israel in an unprecedented attack.
  • Bombardments hit close to Rafah border crossing between Gaza Strip and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, reports say.
  • Palestinian health ministry, the WHO call for humanitarian corridor “to ensure the entry of urgent medical aid” into Gaza’s overwhelmed hospitals.
  • The latest death toll stands at 770 Palestinians in Gaza and more than 900 people in Israel.
  • Hamas’s surprise attack on Saturday came after Israeli settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in recent days and a record number of Palestinians were killed by Israel in recent months.
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House Speaker Chaos Threatens GOP Majority

  • The political chaos surrounding the vacant Speakership in the House threatens to upend Republican efforts to hold onto their slim majority in next year’s elections.
  • Questions over who would succeed former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) took on a new urgency this weekend amid an escalating war between Israel and Hamas terrorists.
  • The air of havoc surrounding the GOP’s ouster of McCarthy at a time when a critical US ally is at war could reverberate through some of the most competitive districts next year, such as in New York.
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USPS Proposes 5th Postage Hike Since 2021 — A Move Critics Call "Unprecedented"

  • The U.S. Postal Service wants to boost the cost of postage in January, which would mark the fifth rate increase since 2021 and come on the heels of a July postage hike.
  • Some critics are decrying the plan, saying that the rapid price increases are "unprecedented" and causing customers to stop using the mail. 
  • The new prices would raise the cost of a first-class Forever stamp from its current 66 cents to 68 cents, while other mailing costs would also rise. 
  • If approved, the rate hike would represent the fifth increase since August 2021, when a Forever stamp increased to 58 cents.
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459 US Firms Have Filed For Bankruptcy This Year - The Most Since 2020

  • Economists warn large-scale bankruptcies can have devastating consequences
  • Some 459 firms filed for bankruptcy so far this year - already more than in 2021
  • Bed Bath and Beyond, trucking firm Yellow and Silicon Valley Bank among the biggest casualties
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Texas Surpasses 50,000 Migrants Bused To Major Cities

  • Texas has bused more than 50,000 migrants from the border to major U.S. cities across the country — and the effort is ramping up.
  • The state-sponsored initiative has accelerated the movement of migrants and asylum seekers north, strained destination cities' shelter resources and prompted their Democratic leaders to dramatically increase pressure on President Biden to help.
  • Last week Biden made major immigration policy announcements including border wall construction and resumed deportations to Venezuela.
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Wisconsin Headlines

Wisconsin GOP Leader Silent On Impeachment Of Supreme Court Justice After Earlier Floating It

  • Wisconsin’s top Republican state lawmaker, who had threatened to possibly impeach a newly elected liberal state Supreme Court justice if she didn’t step down from a redistricting case, didn’t mention that option Monday in his first comments since the justice decided against recusal.
  • Justice Janet Protasiewicz declined late Friday to recuse from the redistricting case and sided with the liberal majority of the court to take up the lawsuit, which seeks to overturn Republican-drawn legislative maps.
  • Republican lawmakers argued she had to recuse because she said during her campaign that the GOP-drawn maps were “rigged” and “unfair” and because she accepted nearly $10 million from the Wisconsin Democratic Party.
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First Lady Spends Second Day In Wisconsin On Menominee Reservation

  • It’s day two of first lady Jill Biden’s visit to Northeast Wisconsin. Tuesday, she’s making stops in Neopit and Keshena after spending time in Green Bay Monday night.
  • Tuesday afternoon, Biden, who has a doctorate in education, will participate in the College of Menominee Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Summit. She’ll also learn about the Menominee tribe’s approach to community education and sustainable development.
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Redistricting Activists Speak Out Against GOP Plan To Redraw Wisconsin's Political Maps

  • Days after the Wisconsin Supreme Court voted to hear a challenge to the state’s Republican-drawn legislative maps setting the stage for a possible restructuring of state political districts before the 2024 election, advocates on Monday spoke out against a GOP proposal to change the process for redistricting.
  • The press conference at the state Capitol comes amid a political fight over a lawsuit challenging Wisconsin’s current maps that the Wisconsin Supreme Court voted last week to take up.
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Judge Orders Eau Claire Homicide Suspect To Return To Wisconsin Within 48 Hours

  • Shane Helmbrecht, a suspect in a homicide case from 2016, was ordered to return to the state of Wisconsin by Judge Sarah Harless on Monday after his disappearance on Friday, October 6.
  • His current location is unknown.
  • Helmbrecht is accused of murdering his neighbor in 2016 but was found not competent to stand trial.
  • He was ordered to stay in a mental health facility at the time, but News 18 learned in January that he was actually living in a halfway house in Tomah, had a driver's license, and the freedom to come and go.
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Gender-Affirming Care: What It Means In Wisconsin

  • Transgender people have gender identities that don’t align with the sex a doctor assigned at birth based on external anatomy.
  • Their identities are a natural and normal variation of human experience that has existed across the globe for millennia.
  • The population of American transgender people, while growing, remains tiny — just 0.5% of adults and 1.4% of youth ages 13 to 17
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