Morning Headlines - Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022

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Morning Headlines - Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022

U.S. and World Headlines

Joe Biden Expected To Announce $10,000 Student Loan Forgiveness Program Wednesday

President Biden is expected to announce a much-anticipated loan forgiveness program Wednesday, sources familiar with the plan told the Associated Press.

Americans are poised to foot a nearly $300 billion deal with President Biden’s expected announcement on Wednesday to forgive thousands in federal student loan debt and extend a repayment pause to next year.

According to the Penn Wharton Budget Model, a one-time maximum debt forgiveness of $10,000 for borrowers who make less than $125,000 will cost around $300 billion for taxpayers.

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Five Takeaways From Primary Night In New York, Florida

Voters in New York picked their representatives for two vacant House seats on Tuesday, while Florida Democrats chose their nominee to take on Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) this fall.

The primaries and special elections in the two states were among the last to take place before the country enters the sprint toward the general election, and they offer some final clues about the political landscape heading into the fall.

Here are five takeaways out of New York and Florida.

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False Accusations Of Election Fraud Prompt Some Election Workers Across The US To Quit Ahead Of Election Day

After officials in Nye County, Nevada, accepted a pitch from a Republican nominee for secretary of state to stop using voting machines for the general election and move to hand counting instead, long-time county clerk Sam Merlino decided to walk away from the job she loved.

For Merlino, a Republican, the move was the last straw as her county continued to be consumed by unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

"It was just so disheartening after everyone had put in so much hard work, and then to have everybody question what we've been doing for years," Merlino, who resigned two weeks ago, told ABC News. "I loved working with the voters, I was always at a polling place on Election Day. I loved the process."

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The Ukraine War, Six Months On

When Vladimir Putin began his invasion six months ago, Ukrainians defiantly tallied each night their defenses had held. Now, Ukraine and its western backers are contemplating how far ahead the fighting could still stretch.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Tuesday he would not agree to freeze the conflict where it stands, with Russia occupying one-fifth of his country. Putin too seems intent on pressing on despite his own enormous losses.

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Critics Don't Hold Back In Their Reviews Of Meghan Markle's First Archetypes Podcast

Meghan Markle's new Spotify podcast has been slammed by critics who said it was 'almost entirely preposterous' and 'just another way she can talk about herself'.

The Duchess of Sussex released her long-awaited Archetypes podcast yesterday in the form of a conversation with her close friend, tennis great Serena Williams.

But Celia Walden in the Telegraph said it was 'an interview with this inspirational sporting figure in name only', and that Meghan was 'interviewing herself'.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Jacob Blake's Uncle Files Federal Lawsuit Alleging 'Torture' By Kenosha County Sheriff, Authorities

Jacob Blake's uncle, Justin Blake, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Tuesday against the Kenosha County Sheriff's Office and staff members over his arrest during protests last April.

Attorneys allege Blake was "tortured" by Kenosha County authorities after he was arrested during a protest in April of 2021. Justin Blake claims he was strapped into a restraint chair for seven hours. The lawsuit alleges it was "punishment for exercising his right to remain silent."

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth and Kenosha County deputies are among the defendants listed in the lawsuit.

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Sara Rodriguez, Roger Roth On Their 2022 Run For Lieutenant Governor Of Wisconsin

Rodriguez and Roth vary widely on their priorities and plans for the job of lieutenant governor, which lacks any mandated duties other than to serve as a backup in the event that the governor becomes incapacitated or leaves office.

Here & Now asked the lieutenant governor candidates why they're running, their thoughts on issues such as abortion and election policy, and how their legislative home districts may help their party's ticket win a statewide race.

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Antigo Man Pleads Guilty To Possessing Child Pornography

Kelly M. Schultz, 45, of Antigo, Wisconsin, pleaded guilty today in federal district court in Madison to possessing child pornography and was immediately remanded into custody.

U.S. District Judge James D. Peterson scheduled sentencing for November 18. The plea agreement calls for the defendant to be sentenced to 10 years in prison to be followed by 20 years of supervised release.

In March 2017, law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at Schultz’s home and seized approximately 150 CDs and DVDs. During the analysis of these items, agents located numerous images depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

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Arrest Is Made In Fond du Lac Homicide Investigation

Police have made an arrest following a homicide on the 200 block of Marquette Street.

A 32-year-old Fond du Lac man was arrested and is currently being held at the Fond du Lac County Jail. On Monday, the Fond du Lac Police Department executed a search warrant on W. Cotton Street.

The charges of First-Degree Intentional Homicide and Felon in Possession of a Firearm will be referred to the Fond du Lac County District Attorney’s Office. The Fond du Lac Police Department said it expects to release more information if and when a criminal complaint is filed by the District Attorney’s Office.

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Oshkosh Defense Receives New Patents On Hybrid Military Vehicle

Oshkosh Defense announced Monday that it was granted five new patents for a hybrid electric military vehicle. The hybrid electric Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, or eJLTV, was first announced in January.

The vehicle is a hybrid version of the traditional Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, and improves the fuel economy of the traditional vehicle by more than 20 percent.

The patents are related to the accessory drive approach, battery and inverter integration and the range and capability of the Oshkosh vehicle.

"Hybrid electric vehicle technology provides silent drive, extended silent watch, enhanced fuel economy and increased exportable power that enables it to be used in combat and reconnaissance scenarios," said a statement from Oshkosh Defense vice president George Mansfield.

The U.S. Army has a goal to field hybrid-drive tactical vehicles by 2035, according to its climate strategy plan released in February of this year.

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