Morning Headlines - Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2023

U.S. & World and Wisconsin headlines, and today's meme.

Morning Headlines - Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2023

U.S. and World Headlines

Pressure Grows On Biden To Override Senate Democrats On Border

Senate Republicans are warning the only way President Biden will get another $61 billion for Ukraine is if he overrides Senate Democrats and agrees to border security reforms that substantially reduce the influx of migrants into the country.

They complain the White House has refused to engage in a meaningful way with the lead Senate Republican negotiator, Sen. James Lankford (Okla.).

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) said negotiations on border security have stalled because “it’s been difficult to get the kind of support out of the administration itself” needed to get a deal.

McConnell on Tuesday revealed he told Biden directly that “the only way we’ll get an agreement is for you to be involved, don’t just punt the ball up to Senate Democrats — they may never get there.”

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House Expected To Vote To Formalize GOP Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden

House Republicans are expected to vote Wednesday to authorize their impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden — a formal step they believe will grant them the ability to better enforce their subpoenas in the courts.

“We think a formal vote of the majority of the House, on record, for a power that solely resides with the House — that helps us if, in fact, we’ve got to go to court,” Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, one of the GOP leaders in the impeachment push, told reporters Tuesday. “Hopefully, just passing it in and of itself is enough to say, ‘OK, guys, come in and talk to us.’”

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Elon Musk's Tesla Recalls Two Million Cars Over Autopilot Defect

Tesla is recalling more than two million cars after the US regulator found its driver assistance system, Autopilot, was partly defective.

It follows a two-year investigation into crashes at the firm owned by billionaire Elon Musk, which occurred when Autopilot was in use.

The recall applies to almost every Tesla sold in the US since the Autopilot feature was launched in 2015.

Tesla said it would send a software update "over the air" to fix the issue.

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Anti-DEI Movement Expands In Politics, Business And Academics

The backlash over diversity, equity and inclusion programs, or DEI, is sharpening in politics, business and academics.

Diversity programs are being cut in business, pummeled by Republicans in politics and ridiculed in academia, where donors have pulled millions.

College DEI programs support historically underrepresented students and faculty members, such as people of color, people with disabilities and veterans.

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Argentina Announces A 50% Devaluation Of Its Currency As Part Of Shock Economic Measures

Argentina on Tuesday announced a sharp devaluation of its currency and cuts to energy and transportation subsidies as part of shock adjustments new President Javier Milei says are needed to deal with an economic "emergency."

Economy Minister Luis Caputo said in a televised message that the Argentine peso will be devalued by 50% from 400 pesos to the U.S. dollar, to 800 pesos to the dollar.

"For few months, we're going to be worse than before," he said. 

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Wisconsin Headlines

Wisconsin Lawmakers Weigh Ranked Choice Voting Bill As Opponents Push For A Ban

A bipartisan bill that would dramatically change how Wisconsin residents choose congressional candidates by asking them to rank their top choices instead of voting for one of two candidates had its first public hearing in the state Legislature on Dec. 12.

The hearing comes just a week after opponents circulated a proposed constitutional amendment to ban ranked choice voting. It’s unclear whether either measure has enough support to pass, but the movement shows the idea is gaining attention in the battleground state.

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Mexican Citizen Sentenced To 5 Years For Methamphetamine Trafficking In Madison

Emmanuel Herrera Sanchez, 41, Mexico, was sentenced today by Chief U.S. District Judge James D. Peterson to 5 years in federal prison for distributing 500 grams or more of methamphetamine. The prison term will be followed by 5 years of supervised release. Herrera Sanchez pleaded guilty to this charge on September 26, 2023.

On April 14, 2022, a confidential informant coordinated with Emmanuel Herrera Sanchez to purchase 10 kilograms of methamphetamine for $49,000. Co-defendant Julio Alvarez Sanchez traveled to meet with the confidential informant at a parking lot in Madison and provided the confidential informant a toolbox containing 6.77 kilograms of methamphetamine. Alvarez Sanchez was arrested following the drug deal. Herrera Sanchez was arrested on June 13, 2022, by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers as he attempted to enter the United States from Mexico near Nogales, Arizona.

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Wisconsin School District Considering Changing Book Policy After Parent Challenges More Than 400 Titles

In what the superintendent said may be the largest student reading material challenge in the nation, 444 books have been taken out of circulation in the Elkhorn Area School District.

Superintendent Jason Tadlock said one parent requested that 163 books at Elkhorn Middle School and 281 books at the high school be removed on Nov. 30. Per school district policy, the books were taken from circulation and are being reviewed by school principals.

Administrators are evaluating the challenged books for grade level appropriateness using Common Sense Media, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.com for age-level ratings.

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DATCP Opens Wisconsin Farm To School Grant Program Through February 2

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is accepting applications for the Wisconsin Farm to School Grant Program through 5 p.m. on Friday, February 2, 2024. DATCP will award a total of up to $250,000 in Farm to School grants. 

This one-time, federal funding has been provided with the purpose of expanding or creating new farm to school activities. The goal of the Wisconsin Farm to School Grant Program is to enable communities to develop partnerships, implement initiatives, and strengthen Wisconsin’s farm to school network. Successful projects will gather impact and outcome data, measure grant program demand, and capture success stories for ongoing support and funding. Funds are not intended to provide one-time funding for farm to school meals.

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Wisconsin Students Turn Plastic Bags Into Beds For Those Facing Homelessness

Instead of throwing plastic bags away, UW-Eau Claire students found a creative way to keep them out of landfills by transforming them into sleeping mats for those facing homelessness.

These students aim to help not only our community, but also the environment.

"Every residence hall collects plastic bags for recycling. I thought it could be a good idea to get campus students together by learning how to crochet and making sleeping mats that we will be donating to the Sojourner House," said Kristen O'Brien.

Several students learned how to crochet for their first time. Other students were experts.


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