Morning Headlines - Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2022

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Morning Headlines - Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2022

U.S. and World Headlines

How Biden Lost The Support Of Young Americans

In 2020, around 60 percent of 18- to 29-year-old voters cast a ballot for Joe Biden, making them the most Democratic-leaning voting group by age. This was in line with recent presidential elections, too, as young voters have been the most likely age group to vote Democratic in every presidential contest dating back to 2004. Yet this group, once Biden’s best demographic, has now shown the largest drop in support.

Why have young Americans soured so dramatically on President Biden?

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Economy Vibes Depend On How Much You're Earning

You've heard of income inequality and wealth inequality. Well, there's also mood inequality.

For the lowest earning households, consumer sentiment worsened in July, according to data out Wednesday morning from the Morning Consult/Axios Inequality Index. However, sentiment improved for those with more money, the survey showed.

Consumer sentiment fell 2.7% in households with annual incomes of less than $50,000 a year; while confidence among those earning more than $100,000 ticked up by 1%.

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Key Takeaways From Former President Trump’s Return To US Capital

Former United States President Donald Trump has made his first public speech in Washington, DC since leaving the White House in January 2021, following his election loss to Joe Biden.

He spoke for 90 minutes on Tuesday at the right-wing America First Policy Institute, laying out what he said should be the policy platforms for the “next Republican president”.

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Pelosi Taiwan Visit: Beijing Vows Consequences If US Politician Travels To Island

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi's rumored plan for a trip to Taiwan has infuriated China and left the White House with a serious geopolitical headache. How big a problem is this?

China has warned of "serious consequences" if Mrs Pelosi were to proceed with her visit.

Second in line to the presidency, after the vice-president, Mrs. Pelosi would be the highest-ranking US politician to travel to the island since 1997.

This rankles China, which sees self-ruled Taiwan as a breakaway province that must become a part of the country. Beijing has not ruled out the possible use of force to achieve this.

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Democrats Warn Fed’s Rate Hikes May Trigger Recession

Senate Democrats are calling on the Federal Reserve to proceed cautiously on raising interest rates when board members meet this week, warning that fighting inflation too aggressively could hurt the economy.

Gross domestic product (GDP) data for the second quarter will be published this week and is expected to show a contraction in growth.

But Democrats in Congress are adopting the administration’s talking points to argue that two quarters of negative growth does not necessarily signal a recession, pointing to the strong labor market and rising wages, even if those positive developments are overshadowed by inflation.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Rebecca Kleefisch Campaigned On Her Record In The Walker Administration. Will It Be Enough?

There have been big events during Rebecca Kleefisch’s 2022 run for governor that have not broken her way. But in the closing weeks of her primary campaign, there are little moments that have Kleefisch feeling like it’s 2010 all over again.

That’s the year Kleefisch jumped headfirst into politics, winning a GOP primary for lieutenant governor to join Scott Walker’s ticket. It’s the year Walker, Kleefisch and legislative Republicans won control of state government and fundamentally changed Wisconsin.

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Trump Will Host Waukesha Campaign Rally For Tim Michels

Former President Donald Trump has scheduled a rally for Tim Michels on August 5th rally in Waukesha.

Michels tweeted that the Trump rally “will be a great kickstart to a big victory in the primary on August 5th and firing Tony Evers in November.”

Trump’s Tuesday announcement of the rally for Michels came on the same day that U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas announced he’s endorsing Kleefisch in the Republican primary.

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Wisconsin Semi-Truck Driver Crashes Into House, Kills Infant

A baby was killed when a semi veered off an interstate and crashed into a house in Winnebago County, according to sheriff’s officials.

Authorities said it happened when the semi left Interstate 41 southbound, crashed through a fence line, crossed a nearby frontage road and smashed into the house in the town of Vinland, just north of Oshkosh.

Officials say the baby boy who died in the crash was 8 months old.

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New Mental Health Drop-In Center Opens In Menomonie

A new drop-in center offering mental health support for adults has opened in Menomonie. Managed by the Wisconsin Milkweed Alliance, the Kaleidoscope Center received a $30,000 peer recovery center grant last year from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).

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Eligible Hunters: Sign Up For Fall Gun Deer Hunt For Hunters With Disabilities By Sept. 1

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reminds eligible disabled hunters hoping to participate in the 2022 gun deer hunt for hunters with disabilities to contact and confirm their hunting location with a hunt sponsor before Sept. 1, 2022.

Sponsors have enrolled nearly 70,000 acres of land across 40 counties for this year's hunt taking place Oct. 1-9, 2022. To participate in the 2022 hunt, hunters should contact sponsors directly. Some properties can accommodate more hunters than others, so hunters are advised to contact potential sponsors as early as possible to determine availability.

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