Well, it’s January. What motivation and determination drove you to your New Year’s resolution this year?  

I would like to address a question submitted afterlast week's post on this very subject. 

Question submitted: 

"It is so incredibly hard for me to get motivated.  The more I gain the worse it is.  Advice for those who look at it as a mountain too high to even begin to climb?"

I really enjoy this question because I do not see this as a question that only affects so-called “overweight / out of shape” individuals but, like myself, people who may have physical limitations but all want to see a change for the better in their health and fitness. When we find ourselves in this mindset of, “Where do I even begin?” it can be debilitating and actually keep us from trying. It may be the first time you tried or maybe this is the 6th time you have made this challenge to yourself and are afraid of failing yet again. 

Personally, with my slight self-diagnosed OCD, I prefer to start my nutrition and fitness regime on a Monday. Now if it’s a Monday on the 1st of a month I would be in heaven. However, sometimes one just has to suck it up and tell yourself it’s time and move forward. We have to remember that we didn’t get to where we are overnight, and we should not assume that we can magically reach our goals overnight. It takes time, plain and simple. 

I find that for most people it’s never the lack of desire to want to do better on their nutrition and fitness. It is more of an “I don’t or can’t find the time” issue. 

Here are a couple things I have learned over the years to get/keep you motivated:

  • Don’t let yourself make excuses. This is about you. Own it!
  • Find what or who will hold you accountable--paying a Fitness membership? A spouse? A work out partner? A personal trainer?
  • Schedule a time for fitness, 30 min is a great goal.
  • Plan out your snacks and meals and prepare them for the next day.

Planning meals are key to making the healthy food choices. If you don’t take the time to plan out and pack meals and healthy snacks, we will always grab easy and fast food for that fast fix. 

As far a fitness goes, one of the hardest parts of a gym membership is walking in the front door. Good news is that I have never heard anyone complain when they leave. It’s usually the opposite. 

When you do decide to make the commitment to your fitness, try to have the mindset at the gym (or wherever you are working out) to take it one minute at a time. In all seriousness, once you start looking at your workouts by the minute, it will help overcome the totality of the next 29 minutes. One minute on the elliptical with a rest is better than not being on the elliptical at all. Next week shoot for two minutes. 

Family is my motivation. We like to travel and explore different events and states, so for me to stay healthy and fit, this allows me to make sure we can do these type of things. 

With the New Year upon us, and many people looking to make some changes in their health, I am going to waive the activation fee for all new members who sign up for a 12 month membership. Those who have previously been members and have already paid their activation fees will receive a free shaker bottle when signing up for a new 12 month membership. 

About Matt Dryden: Matt has been offering personal training services in fitness and nutrition for over 12 years. He began his interest in Health and Fitness while working as a Correctional Officer and Police Chief when he realized that in this profession that those men and women should have the fitness level of being able to protect and serve the people he has sworn to do so. Matt went on to become a certified personal trainer and began educating and helping fellow officers in setting and working toward their goals in fitness.

Matt started his gym, The Body Shop Fitness Centers, in Shell Lake in 2007 and now offers locations in Shell Lake, Spooner, and Trego, Wisconsin. These locations offer a wide variety of fitness training opportunities unique to each location. To find out more, visit The Body Shop Fitness Center website or Facebook page.

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