**UPDATE** This story has been updated with a press release from the Barron County Sheriff's Department with the notification that one of the two injured in the crash was prounced deceased at the scene.  That update can be found HERE.

**UPDATE** At 11:55a, the Wisconsin DOT says that the section of US 8 is now open.

BARRON COUNTY — A multi-vehicle crash occurred Thursday morning closing a portion of US Highway 8 at CTH F.

The Wisconsin DOT says that the incident occurred at 4:52a.

According to Barron County call logs, at 4:52a, a caller stated that there was a multi-vehicle crash with one on fire.  One of the 2 vehicles involved was a “US Postal Service Semi full of mail,” according to the log.  The log later states that the truck is with Amazon deliveries.

Lifelink was called at 5:03a, however, at 5:14a, EMS on scene stated to cancel the helicopter.

Injuries were not listed in the log.

DrydenWire.com will update this post when more information is known.

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