Liz Thompson spent most of her young life with stomach problems. Nothing helped, she tried everything.

At age twenty-three she tried natural healing through herbs. Within one days time, she was considerably better. It was her own miracle! Since then has been a student of Dr. John R. Christopher, and is spreading the natural healing word to the public. Dr. John became interested in natural healing when he saw the results of naturopathic healing in his mother. His enthusiasm increased when he found he was able to cure himself of cancer using natural methods. By 1945 he was hailed as America's foremost herbalists.

Her shop, Wildflower, is on West Knapp Street (highway 48) in Rice Lake, across the street and just down the road to the east a block or two from the hospital. She shares space with Associated Realty who has a large, extended yellow sign outside the building. She and Associated Reality have offices in one of the homes along the highway, many of which are turning commercial.

Her store is smallish, but packed to the gills with products; one hundred and thirty herbs, one hundred and eighteen essential oils, smudges, diffusers, natural bathroom and kitchen supplies, herbal supplements and smart leather bracelets that absorb various essential oils and then diffuse them during the day.

Liz started her business as part of the Rice Lake Farmer's Market vendors for a summer. Then moved to her current location. Her business is so successful that her products have well over doubled in the two years she has been open.

She has a steady supply of people coming in to ask questions and to share with her their own successes with their health.

Even though she is a certified herbalist, she can only make suggestions as to which product would work for specific ailments. A table near the door has several herbal books for reference, so customers are welcome to come and browse the books too.

How new customer visits work; starts with a series of questions about their health and where the problems are. Sometimes people come directly from the hospital with questions about their recent diagnoses.

Liz takes the visitor over to a section, either the herbs or the oils, and asks questions. Take the common cold. Depending on the symptom, she will take a product off the shelf as the customer talks. When all the possible solutions are figured out, the customer then can choose what they want to use.

Liz recommends when starting to learn herbs or oils to only purchase three products at a time and getting to know them well. Later adding another three with the same purpose in mind, continuing to grow your knowledge and collection by three every time.

The herbs come in two forms, cut and powdered. The cut forum is for making herbal tea and the powdered form is filling for the gel capsules you can buy and fill yourself.

She's big into reflexology and has charts of the body, especially the hands and feet to show where to apply essential oils. Take that pesky cold for instance. She recommends massaging healing oils onto the pads of the four smaller toes to treat the sinuses.

The specialty Liz brings to the table is her vast knowledge of each body organ; how it functions and how to help clean it so it can heal.

Her schedule is busy with regular shop hours Tuesday through Friday from 10a to 6p and on Saturdays from 9a to 3p. She also teaches classes on pill making, herbs, and essential oils and fun stuff like bath bombs, personal tea recipes, and soaps. Now that her shop is overrun with products, classes are held off-site.

The next time you're looking for a salt lamp or Poplar Bud lip balm, you'll know where to go to find them. You'll also find the answers to things you thought you just had to endure, like that pesky common cold.

Liz has a FaceBook page, Wildflower, and her phone is 715-234-1861 If you'd prefer to email her, it's

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