Madison, WI – Senator Rob Stafsholt (R - New Richmond) issued the following statement following the Natural Resources Board’s September meeting:

“I want to thank my constituent, Duke Tucker, for taking the time and effort to testify before the Natural Resources Board during their open forum. He has been working tirelessly for years collecting data and vital information on a water flooding issue that affects his home and his neighbor’s properties as well as water quality in the area. He was able to come before the board and convince them to take another look at their previous study and rethink their long term plan. I commend him for his determination and commitment to solve the issue.”

“I also want to thank the Secretary Cole for attending the hearing and agreeing to allocate DNR staff and resources to fix the issues that have resulted from their study and long term planning. It is unfortunate it took a letter from a former DNR staffer to take the issue seriously, but I still appreciate the willingness to resolve the issue. I encourage Secretary Cole and DNR to follow through with their promise.”

“In addition, I want to thank the Natural Resources Board for having their monthly public hearing in Northern Wisconsin. It is a welcomed sight and something that I would like to see more of from all areas of our government. My constituents deserve just as much access to their government agencies and services as people in Madison, even though that is generally not the case.”

Last Update: Sep 29, 2022 11:52 am CDT

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