SPOONER, Wis. – A new business has launched in Spooner, Wisconsin, with a mission to build digital storefronts for area businesses, called DrydenVine.com.

“This is something I have thought about doing for about a year now,” says DrydenVine co-founder and original founder of DrydenWire.com, Ben Dryden. “But I needed to find the right person with whom to partner that has the creativity I felt would be needed for the business to not only be able to offer affordable and great looking graphics and websites but with a business mind and dedication to allow for sustainable growth and success.

"Kara Vincent of Kara Vincent Art - who has collaborated with DrydenWire.com for some time now - was the perfect person to make this a reality.  She is the most talented, artistic, and creative mind that I have ever met.  It ticks me off a little bit, actually."

The brick-and-mortar storefronts of yesteryear, though still important, are no longer the only storefronts that matter. DrydenVine's mission is to create the digital storefronts for every business in the community that business owners can afford and be proud of.

“Spooner and the surrounding communities need a timely, creative, reliable web & graphics team,” said Kara Vincent, co-founder of DrydenVine and founder of Kara Vincent Art. “Over the years I have spoken with many businesses and this need is clearly not being met.”

Statistics show, even in small communities - especially those that rely on tourism for revenue - that digital storefronts will contribute to what determines if businesses are successful and are able to grow.

Part of that is having someone locally that can provide for their ever-growing needs.

“As the next generation of business owners begin to build, and continue to grow their businesses, we hear over and over that they need a local resource that will sit down with them and talk about their needs for their business to bring them into the digital age at an affordable rate,” added Dryden. “It blows our collective minds when we see really bad websites that hard-working local business owners have spent a lot of money on for a product they are not happy with.

"A lot of graphic and web designers prey on the ignorance of their clients...we hope to change that." - Ben Dryden

DrydenVine will not only create websites for business owners that they will love at an affordable rate, but will also provide:

  • SEO
  • CRM

“We want DrydenVine to be a one-stop shop for all things digital; if you are just starting out, are already an established business, or just want something really cool,” Dryden concluded.

Not only does DrydenVine wants businesses to be able to afford a digital product that they are pleased with, but are also able to pick up the phone with a quick question to get a quick answer.

“There are many steps in the process of achieving the ultimate goal,” Kara added. “We will walk you through every one of them."

"Stunning, relevant, creative website design doesn't have to be that complicated." - Kara Vincent

If you would like to learn more about how DrydenVine can build and/or grow your business's digital foundation, visit their website: DrydenVine.com.

You can also follow DrydenVine on Facebook by clicking the image below:

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