NorthLakes Community Clinic’s podcast, The NorthLakes Podcast, has a new episode out this week: Episode 7 - Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care with NorthLakes Chiropractor Lorelei Wakefield.

In this episode Dr. Wakefield shares how she works with women before, during and after a pregnancy and how her own experience as a mother and provider help her in her work. It isn’t as simple as a sore back in the third trimester.

If you haven’t listened to an episode of the NorthLakes Podcast it covers topics such as children’s picky eating, video game addiction, and anger. The podcasts are conversations with NorthLakes providers sharing information about things that they concentrate on every day in a clinical setting. It’s a great way to get a little more information about a specific topic in an entertaining way.

The NorthLakes Podcast is available anywhere you enjoy podcasts and on NorthLakes website here.

About NorthLakes Community Clinic

NorthLakes Community Clinic is a regional Community Health Center, with clinic locations in Ashland, Birchwood, Chippewa Falls, Hayward, Hurley, Iron River, Lakewood, Minong, Oconto, Park Falls, Turtle Lake, Washburn and White Lake. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization managed by a patient majority board of directors. Services we offer include: medical, chiropractic, dental, behavioral health counseling including recovery services, nutrition therapy, optometry, psychiatric services, pediatric speech and occupational therapy, physical therapy and prescriptions for patients.

NorthLakes Community Clinic provides care to individuals with Medicaid and Medicare, those without insurance, and also those with private health insurance. We also provide a Sliding Fee Scale available for patients who qualify. For more information, please visit:

Last Update: Apr 30, 2022 11:53 am CDT

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