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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) provides weekly updates on road construction projects in the following counties in northwest Wisconsin: Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Buffalo, Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Douglas, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Rusk, St. Croix, Sawyer, Taylor, Trempealeau and Washburn counties.

Barron County 

Highway: WIS 48

  • Location: Between West and Bear Paw avenues, city of Rice Lake
  • Schedule: April 20 to November
  • Cost: $5.1 million
  • Description: Reconstructing WIS 48 from West Avenue to Bear Paw Avenue, rebuilding the WIS 48-West Avenue intersection with a roundabout, reconstructing the north- and southbound US 53 ramp terminals as roundabouts and improving the Bear Paw Avenue intersection with traffic signal installation.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • The on-ramp to southbound US 53 from WIS 48 is anticipated to be closed to traffic from 10 p.m. Monday, May 11, to 5 a.m. Tuesday, May 12, for the installation of a storm sewer connection.
    • Once the connection is made and the on-ramp is reopened, the storm sewer trench will be paved under flagging operations.

Barron and Polk counties 

Highway: US 8

  • Location: Between WIS 46 South junction to Front Avenue in Turtle Lake
  • Schedule: May 4 to July
  • Cost: $5.16 million
  • Description: Milling off a portion of US 8’s surface, overlaying US 8 with asphalt, widening the shoulders, installing rumble strips and marking the pavement.
  • Traffic impacts: There will be periodic lane closures in each direction controlled by flaggers.

Chippewa County 

Highway: Park Avenue

  • Location: Between Main Street and South Avenue, city of Chippewa Falls
  • Schedule: April 20 to September
  • Cost: $1.56 million
  • Description: Reconstructing Park Avenue, completing sanitary and storm sewer and water utility work and adding a bicycle-pedestrian trail on the north side, along with curb and gutter.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Park Avenue is closed to through traffic, but local access to businesses and residences will be maintained throughout the project.
      • Detour route: Main Street, Greenville Street, Woodward Avenue and WIS 124.

Chippewa and Clark counties 

Highway: WIS 64, WIS 27, WIS 40 and US 10.

  • Location: Various
  • Schedule: May 4 to June 19 and Aug. 3 to Aug. 28
  • Cost: $1.04 million
  • Description: Replace multiple culverts.
  • Traffic impacts: Temporary signals installed at two culvert pipes are controlling traffic on WIS 64 east of Cornell between County D and County G.

Clark County 

Highway: WIS 73

  • Location: Meridian Avenue to WIS 95, south of Neillsville and Granton
  • Schedule: May 8 to July
  • Cost: $$3.8 million
  • Description: Resurfacing WIS 73, replacing or repairing culvert pipes, installing guardrail and marking pavement.
  • Traffic impacts: The project is being built under traffic with the use of flaggers and single-lane closures.

Highway: Mill Road

  • Location: Nelson Creek Bridge, northeast of Greenwood
  • Schedule: Sept. 23, 2019 – May 2020
  • Cost: $259,558
  • Description: Removing and replacing the bridge.
  • Traffic impacts: Mill Road is closed to through traffic within the project limits, but local access will be maintained.

Douglas County 

Highway: US 2/53 (East 2nd Street)

  • Location: Between 2nd Avenue East and 31st Avenue East, city of Superior
  • Schedule: April 6 to October
  • Cost: $7.02 million
  • Description: Rehabilitating one bridge structure; repairing spot locations of concrete pavement and utility manholes and inlets; updating or replacing traffic signals; upgrading or installing curb ramps at pedestrian crossings; and grinding the road’s concrete surface and overlaying it with asphalt.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction between 2nd Avenue East and 31st Avenue East.
    • The speed limit is reduced from 35 mph to 25 mph during construction.
    • A truck detour is in place because of turning movement restrictions at the intersection of East 2nd and Belknap streets. 

Highway: US 53

  • Location: County T to St. Croix River and County Y intersection, Gordon
  • Schedule: April 27 to August
  • Cost: $7.02 million
  • Description: Resurfacing US 53 from County T to the St. Croix River and improving the County Y intersection.
  • Traffic impacts: North- and southbound US 53 traffic is reduced to one lane from County T to the St. Croix River.

Dunn County 

Highway: I-94

  • Location: 250th Street to Wilson Creek, west of Menomonie
  • Schedule: Spring 2018 to June
  • Cost: $30.34 million
  • Description: Replacing bridges, resurfacing I-94, marking pavement and installing median cable barrier, guardrail, right of way fence and signs.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Beginning Monday, May 11, motorists on east- and westbound I-94 can expect lane closures during non-peak times.
    • The speed limit in the construction zone will be reduced from 70 mph to 60 mph in both directions.
    • Intermittent flagging operations might be occurring at 390th Street, 650th Avenue, County K and 250th Street.

Highway: WIS 72

  • Location: Eau Galle River Bridge, about two miles east of Elmwood
  • Schedule: April 6 to August
  • Cost: $1.94 million
  • Description: Removing and replacing the bridge, grading, signing and pavement marking.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • WIS 72 is closed at the structure.
      • Detour route: WIS 128, WIS 29 and WIS 25.

Dunn and St. Croix counties 

Highway: I-94

  • Location: Between Hudson and Menomonie near Knapp
  • Schedule: March 25, 2019 to November 2020
  • Cost: $57.5 million
  • Description: Removing and replacing concrete pavement and six structures, grading, marking pavement and installing beam guard, cable barrier, right-of-way fencing and signing.
  • Traffic impacts: There will be lane closures on east- and westbound I-94 from WIS 128 to 250th Street.

Eau Claire County 

Highway: WIS 312/US 12

  • Location: County EE/Town Hall Road intersection, northwest side of Eau Claire
  • Schedule: April to August
  • Cost: $590,000
  • Description: Extending turn lanes on WIS 312/US 12 at County EE/Town Hall Road and reconstructing Town Hall Road and Old Mill Plaza north of WIS 312/US 12.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • The outside lane of eastbound WIS 312/US 12 is closed from Truax Lane to County EE.
    • The outside lane of westbound WIS 312/US 12 is closed from Old Mill Plaza past Town Hall Road.
    • Town Hall Road is closed between WIS 312/US 12 and Chuck Lane.
    • Old Mill Plaza is closed from Town Hall Road and 200 feet to the east.

Eau Claire and St. Croix counties 

Highway: US 12, WIS 64, WIS 65 and WIS 312

  • Location: Various locations 
  • Schedule: April 13 to June
  • Cost: $760,000
  • Description: Replacing signals, poles and bases and completing beam guard, electrical and signing work.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • In Eau Claire:
      • The contractor is anticipated to move to WIS 312, with work planned at the intersections of Truax Lane, Mill Run Road and County TT. All work will be completed with a single-lane closure on the outside lanes.
    • In Hudson:
      • The contractor is expected to be standing poles at various locations US 12.
    • In New Richmond:
      • The contractor is expected to standing poles at WIS 64/WIS 65.

Jackson County 

Highway: US 12

  • Location: US 12 and County A intersection in Black River Falls
  • Schedule: April 13 to July
  • Cost: $661,008
  • Description: Signalizing the intersection – first with temporary and then permanent signals; completing excavation, asphalt, curb and gutter and sign work; and marking the pavement.
  • Traffic impacts: Traffic on east- and westbound US 12 is reduced to one lane in each direction through the intersection.

St. Croix County

Highway: I-94

  • Location: Between Hudson and Baldwin
  • Schedule: April 1, 2019 to July 2020
  • Cost: $17 million
  • Description: Replacing four bridge structures – two over 130th Street and two over the Kinnickinnic River – and completing roughly two miles of approach work. 
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Westbound I-94:
      • Traffic is using temporary lanes, which are posted at 60 mph. This configuration will remain like this until late June.
      • There will be intermittent right-lane closures from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, May 11 to May 15.
    • Eastbound I-94:
      • The inside shoulder is closed.
      • The speed limit will be reduced from 70 mph to 60 mph when a lane is closed.
      • There will be intermittent single-lane closures from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday, May 11 to May 15.

Highway: US 12

  • Location: Between US 63 and WIS 128, east of Baldwin
  • Schedule: April 27 to October 2020 and June 2021
  • Cost: $6.2 million
  • Description: Resurfacing US 12, making repairs to the bridge over the Union Pacific railroad tracks and safety improvements to shoulders, improving curb, gutter, culvert pipes and beam guard, signing and marking.
  • Traffic impacts: Motorists should expect single-lane closures with flagging operations in areas where work is happening.

Highway: County E

  • Location: Between County I and County A, northeast of Hudson
  • Schedule: April 30 to July
  • Cost: $1.94 million
  • Description: Reconditioning project, including grading, paving, signing and marking.
  • Traffic impacts: The road will remain open during construction, with flagging operations used to control traffic.

Trempealeau County 

Highway: I-94

  • Location: Northwest of Osseo
  • Schedule: March 25, 2019 to October 2020
  • Cost: $10.02 million
  • Description: Removing and replacing four structures – two over County NN and two over the Buffalo River, road resurfacing, installing beam guard, pavement marking, fencing and signing.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Eastbound I-94:
      • There will be an eastbound lane closure from 5 a.m. Mondays to 6 p.m. Fridays.

Highway: WIS 93

  • Location: Indee Boulevard in Independence to the north county line
  • Schedule: May 4 to October
  • Cost: $11.24 million
  • Description: Paving WIS 93, cold-in-place recycling, replacing culverts, lining pipes, updating curb ramps, marking pavement and installing guardrail, signing and centerline and edge line rumble strips.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • The road will remain open during construction, using flagging operations.
    • During work on the structure over the Buffalo River, traffic will be reduced to one lane over the bridge with traffic being controlled by signals.

Highway: Dopp Road

  • Location: Smikrud Coulee Creek Bridge, town of Ettrick
  • Schedule: April 7 to late May
  • Cost: $319,157
  • Description: Removing and replacing the bridge.
  • Traffic impacts: Dopp Road is closed at the structure.

Construction-related traffic impacts are dependent on weather and subject to change.

Last Update: May 10, 2020 8:51 am CDT

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