This week’s updates from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) on road construction projects for Barron, Burnett, Polk, Rusk, Sawyer, and Washburn counties.

Barron County

Highway: County SS

  • Location: Chetek River Bridge in Chetek
  • Schedule: May 3 to July
  • Cost: $956,783
  • Description: Replacing the bridge deck and girders, repairing and patching the abutments and making minor approach improvements.
  • Traffic impacts: County SS is closed at the bridge, with traffic being detoured via County M, US 53 and County I.

Burnett County

Highway: County A

  • Location: Christner Road to County E northwest of Spooner
  • Schedule: May 1 to late May
  • Cost: $755,778
  • Description: Pulverizing and relaying the existing pavement, placing new asphalt pavement and installing pavement markings.
  • Traffic impacts: County A is open to local traffic only.

Polk County

Highway: US 63

  • Location: St. Croix/Polk County line to County J south of the village of Clayton
  • Schedule: April 12 to late September
  • Cost: $5.71 million
  • Description: Replacing the pedestrian underpass east of 7th Street in the village of Clear Lake; milling off 2 inches of asphalt pavement and placing 3.25 inches of new asphalt; adding shoulder gravel to accommodate the highway profile increase; realigning the approach of County A/F at US 63 to achieve better sight distance at the intersection; realigning the approach of 60th Avenue at US 63; expanding the intersection tapers to meet current design standards; replacing guardrail; and cleaning, lining or repairing culverts and installing new end walls on some structures.
  • Traffic impacts: US 63 is reduced to a single lane of traffic at the pedestrian underpass east of 7th Street in Clear Lake.
    • Traffic is controlled by temporary signals, and 7th Street South is closed.
    • Lane closures controlled by flagging are being used as necessary for work along the project corridor.

Highway: WIS 65

  • Location: North junction of Jewell Street in the St. Croix County village of Star Prairie to US 8 in the Polk County town of Balsam Lake
  • Schedule: May 15 to September
  • Cost: $8.85 million
  • Description: Removing a portion of the existing asphalt pavement, overlaying the roadway with new asphalt pavement, creating a narrow, paved shoulder and reconstructing three areas of substandard vertical curves – one between the St. Croix/Polk County line and the curve just to the north and two stretches between 28th and 38th avenues in the Polk County town of Alden.
  • Traffic impacts: WIS 65 is closed to through traffic, with full road closure from County Line Avenue to West Church Road.
    • Detour route: WIS 64, WIS 46 and US 8.

Rusk County

No current projects.

Sawyer County

Highway: US 63

  • Location: Smith Lake Creek between California and Davis avenues, Hayward
  • Schedule: May 15 to late June
  • Cost: $585,100
  • Description: Replacing the culvert, installing a new apron and end walls with heavy riprap and replacing storm sewer, disturbed pavement, sidewalk and signage.
  • Traffic impacts: US 63 is closed to traffic, with the following detours:
    • Cars and local traffic: WIS 27, Railroad Street and WIS 77.
    • Truck traffic: US 53 and WIS 77.

Washburn County

Highway: County K

  • Location: County F to WIS 77 southwest of Minong
  • Schedule: May 1 to early June
  • Cost: $1.34 million
  • Description: Pulverizing and relaying the existing pavement, placing asphalt pavement and installing new pavement markings.
  • Traffic impacts: County K remains open to traffic, but motorists might encounter daytime lane closures controlled by flagging.

Highway: WIS 77

  • Location: County I west of the village of Minong east to County M
  • Schedule: April 10 to late July
  • Cost: $8.48 million
  • Description: Removing a portion of the existing pavement and placing new asphalt pavement; cleaning, repairing or installing new culverts; reconstructing sidewalk curb ramps in the village of Minong; replacing deteriorated curb and gutter in the village of Minong; replacing guardrail; placing centerline rumble strips in rural areas; and installing new pavement markings.
  • Traffic impacts: Motorists on eastbound WIS 77 will encounter a shoulder closure in the village of Minong for curb and gutter work.

Highway: US 53

  • Location: Pine Grove Road southeast of Shell Lake to Wildcat Road southeast of Spooner
  • Schedule: Aug. 15, 2022, to October 2023
  • Cost: $16.8 million
  • Description: Removing the existing pavement and a portion of the existing base course; placing a new base aggregate layer for drainage and new concrete pavement; replacing storm sewer, culverts, curb and gutter; reconstructing the approaches to US 53 from existing intersections; replacing shoulder rumble strips; and placing pavement markings.
  • Traffic impacts: One lane of traffic in each direction is being maintained on the southbound lanes.

Highway: US 53

  • Location: Between Mackey and Ross roads in the town of Trego
  • Schedule: March 17, 2021, to late May 2023
  • Cost: $17.65 million
  • Description: Reconstructing US 53 from Mackey Road to existing US 63, relocating US 63 to closely follow the existing Wild Rivers State Trail and constructing a new grade separated interchange connecting US 53 with realigned US 63, new west frontage road from Mackey Road to County E and turn lanes along US 53 at existing intersections, including Mackey, O’Brien and Ross roads.
  • Traffic impacts: None; project complete.

Last Update: May 19, 2023 1:45 pm CDT

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