Northwest Wisconsin Weekly Regional Construction Update

Weekly update from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Northwest Wisconsin Weekly Regional Construction Update

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) provides weekly updates on road construction projects in the following counties in northwest Wisconsin: Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Buffalo, Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Douglas, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Rusk, St. Croix, Sawyer, Taylor, Trempealeau and Washburn counties.

Northwest Region Chip and Scrub Sealing Project

This project will take place in various counties at various locations. This excerpt will be updated weekly with the locations that are expected to be impacted in the following week.

  • Highway and location: Scrub sealing – WIS 73 in Clark County
  • Schedule: June 22 to July
  • Cost: $2.32 million
  • Description: Chip and scrub sealing.
  • Traffic impacts: Motorists can expect single-lane closures with flagging operations in work zones.

Northwest Region Deck and Column Sealing Project

This project will take place in various counties at various locations. This excerpt will be updated weekly with the locations that are expected to be impacted in the following week.

  • Highway and location: US 53 from Chippewa Falls to Superior
  • Schedule: July 6 to July 31
  • Cost: $187,469
  • Description: Sealing bridge decks and columns.
  • Traffic impacts: Motorists can expect moving single-lane closures from Monday to Friday when work is taking place.

Northwest Region Pavement Marking Project

This project will take place in various counties at various locations. This excerpt will be updated weekly with the locations that are expected to be impacted in the following week.

  • Highway and location: WIS 124 near Lake Hallie in Chippewa County and WIS 95 near Blair in Trempealeau County
  • Schedule: May 11 to August
  • Cost: $1.69 million
  • Description: Marking pavement.
  • Traffic impacts: Motorists can expect moving single-lane closures in work zone.

Ashland County

Highway: WIS 112

  • Location: Anderson Creek Bridge, east of the County E-WIS 112 intersection, town of White River
  • Schedule: June 18 to August
  • Cost: $646,900
  • Description: Removing and replacing the bridge, paving WIS 112 on both sides of the structure and installing new guardrail and signage
  • Traffic impacts: WIS 112 is closed at the project site.
    • Detour: WIS 13, US 2 and WIS 112.

Highway: WIS 13

  • Location: Between Park Falls and Mellen
  • Schedule: May 26 to September
  • Cost: $3.49 million
  • Description: Replacing and lining culverts between Morse Road in the town of Morse and Jefferson Avenue in Mellen and overlaying the deck over the railroad tracks and Bad River northwest of Morse Road.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • During daylight hours: WIS 13 is down to one lane and has temporary traffic signals or flagging operations at active culvert replacement locations to direct motorists through the construction zone.
    • During nighttime hours and weekends: WIS 13 is open to two-way traffic.
    • Traffic signals are being used to move motorists through staged construction for bridge work.
    • Beginning Monday, July 13, WIS 13 will be closed to through traffic for three to four weeks for the replacement of culvert pipe.
      • Signed detour: WIS 77 and County GG.
      • Truck detour: WIS 182, WI 47, US 51 and WIS 77.

Barron County

Highway: WIS 48

  • Location: Between West and Bear Paw avenues, city of Rice Lake
  • Schedule: April 20 to November
  • Cost: $5.1 million
  • Description: Reconstructing WIS 48 from West Avenue to Bear Paw Avenue, rebuilding the WIS 48-West Avenue intersection with a roundabout, reconstructing the north- and southbound US 53 ramp terminals as roundabouts and improving the Bear Paw Avenue intersection with traffic signal installation.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Drivers exiting from northbound US 53 to WIS 48 will use a temporary connection at Stout Street.
    • The US 53 southbound on-ramp from WIS 48 is closed.
    • There is a 12-foot width restriction on WIS 48.

Barron and Polk counties

Highway: US 8

  • Location: Between WIS 46 South junction to Front Avenue in Turtle Lake
  • Schedule: May 4 to July
  • Cost: $5.16 million
  • Description: Milling off a portion of the road surface and overlaying it with asphalt, widening the shoulders, installing rumble strips and marking the pavement.
  • Traffic impacts: None.

Bayfield County

Highway: US 63

  • Location: South Fish Creek Bridge, just south of US 2 in the towns of Keystone and Eileen
  • Schedule: June 26 to October
  • Cost: $1.95 million
  • Description: Removing and replacing the bridge.
  • Traffic impacts: US 63 just south of US 2 and north of County F is closed.
    • Detour:
      • Passenger vehicles: County F
      • Trucks: WIS 118, WIS 112 and US 2

Highway: US 2

  • Location: County E to US 63
  • Schedule: June to September
  • Cost: $696,000
  • Description: Rehabilitating and replacing culvert pipe, replacing the asphalt road surface and marking the pavement.
  • Traffic impacts: Motorists should expect shoulder closures and width restrictions.

Highway: WIS 13

  • Location: Boyd Creek Bridge, about two miles north of the US 2/WIS 13 northbound connection at roundabout
  • Schedule: May 11 to September
  • Cost: $1.95 million
  • Description: Removing and replacing the bridge.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • There are left and right shoulder closures.
    • Motorists are using a temporary bypass around the work zone until mid-August.

Highway: Little Sand Bay Road and Old County K

  • Location: Little Sand Bay Road from Old County K to termini and Old County K from Little Sand Bay Road to Peterson Hill Road and from Peterson Hill Road to Leask Drive.
  • Schedule: June 8 to September
  • Cost: $1.79 million
  • Description: Grading, pulverizing existing pavement and relaying it as base, hot-mix asphalt paving, culvert lining, marking pavement and signing.
  • Traffic impacts: The following is anticipated through July 17 on Little Sand Bay Road from Old County K to the termini:
    • Traffic will be restricted to a single lane utilizing flagging operations from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and possibly some Saturdays within the construction zone.
    • During those times and days, a 10-foot lane width will be maintained on Little Sand Bay Road. Such restrictions could be up to a mile in length.
    • The road will be open to two-way traffic during nighttime hours, on Saturdays when no work is planned and on Sundays.
    • The east leg of Old County K will be closed to through traffic from WIS 13 to the junction of Little Sand Bay Road.
      • Detour: WIS 13 north to west leg of Old County K to Little Sand Bay Road.

Highway: North Main Street, town of Iron River

  • Location: Iron River Bridge
  • Schedule: June 29 to August
  • Cost: $359,538
  • Description: Removing and replacing the bridge, asphalt paving and signing.
  • Traffic impacts: Main Street is closed at the project site.

Buffalo and Trempealeau counties

Highway: WIS 121

  • Location: WIS 88 to WIS 93, Gilmanton to Independence
  • Schedule: June 29 to October
  • Cost: $5.17 million
  • Description: Resurfacing the highway, replacing culvert pipes and guardrail and cleaning ditches.
  • Traffic impacts: Traffic is limited to one lane at culvert pipe locations.

Burnett, Sawyer and Washburn counties

  • Highway and location: WIS 35, WIS 70, WIS 77 and US 63
  • Schedule: June 1 to August
  • Cost: $2.72 million
  • Description: Crack filling; chip, scrub and fog sealing; and pavement marking.
  • Traffic impacts: There will be moving daylight single-lane closures for crack filling in the coming week on:
    • US 63 east of US 53 in Trego to County M in Springbrook.

Chippewa County

Highway: WIS 27

  • Location: Between 100th Avenue north of Cadott and South Street in Cornell
  • Schedule: June 29 to November
  • Cost: $1.5 million
  • Description: Replacing box culverts at Seth Creek, Leman Creek, an unnamed creek and Clark Creek.
  • Traffic impacts: The road is closed at the structure being replaced.
    • Detour: WIS 29, WIS 178 and WIS 64.

Highway: Park Avenue

  • Location: Between Main Street and South Avenue, city of Chippewa Falls
  • Schedule: April 20 to September
  • Cost: $1.56 million
  • Description: Reconstructing Park Avenue; completing sanitary and storm sewer and water utility work; and adding a bicycle-pedestrian trail on the north side, along with curb and gutter.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Park Avenue is closed to through traffic.
      • Detour: Main Street, East Greenville Street, Woodward Avenue and WIS 124.
    • Main Street is anticipated to be closed at Park Avenue from Monday to Wednesday, July 13 to 15.
    • Use side streets as much as possible to access properties, except those between Introwitz Drive and Wisconsin Street.
    • Access to Introwitz Drive is being maintained from West Wisconsin Street, and a crossing is being maintained at West Wisconsin Street.
      • Access to Introwitz Drive will be temporarily restricted on Wednesday, July 15, during paving adjacent to the Introwitz-Park Avenue intersection.

Chippewa and Clark counties

Highway: WIS 64, WIS 40, WIS 27 and US 10

  • Location: Various
  • Schedule: May 4 to June 26 and Aug. 3 to Aug. 28
  • Cost: $1.04 million
  • Description: Replace multiple culverts.
  • Traffic impacts: None; project is complete.

Chippewa, Clark and Eau Claire counties

Highway: WIS 29 and US 53

  • Location: Various
  • Schedule: July 13 to September
  • Cost: $661,344
  • Description: Install median cable guard.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Beginning Monday, July 13, inside lane closures will be in place on east- and westbound WIS 29 in Chippewa County from one mile west of 90th Street to the Chippewa River.

Clark County

Highway: US 12/WIS 27

  • Location: Southeast of Humbird
  • Schedule: June 9 to August
  • Cost: $972,608
  • Description: Replacing the deck on the US 12/WIS 27 bridge over the railroad tracks, concrete approach slabs and guardrail, and repaving the asphalt on either side of the bridge structure.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • US 12/WIS 27 will be closed within the project limits.
      • Local traffic only will be permitted south of County B and north of County Line Road.
      • Detour: US 10, WIS 73 and WIS 95.

Highway: WIS 73

  • Location: Meridian Avenue to WIS 95, south of Neillsville and Granton
  • Schedule: May 8 to July
  • Cost: $3.8 million
  • Description: Resurfacing WIS 73, replacing or repairing culvert pipes, installing guardrail and marking pavement.
  • Traffic impacts: The project is being built under traffic with the use of flaggers and single-lane closures.

Douglas County

  • Highway: US 2/53 (East 2nd Street)
  • Location: Between 2nd Avenue East and 31st Avenue East, city of Superior
  • Schedule: April 6 to October
  • Cost: $7.02 million
  • Description: Rehabilitating one bridge structure; repairing spot locations of concrete pavement and utility manholes and inlets; updating or replacing traffic signals; upgrading or installing curb ramps at pedestrian crossings; and grinding the road’s concrete surface and overlaying it with asphalt.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction between 2nd Avenue East and 31st Avenue East.
    • The speed limit is reduced from 35 mph to 25 mph during construction.
    • A truck detour is in place because of turning movement restrictions at the intersection of East 2nd and Belknap streets.

Highway: US 53

  • Location: County T to St. Croix River and County Y intersection, Gordon
  • Schedule: April 27 to August
  • Cost: $3.13 million
  • Description: Resurfacing northbound US 53 from County T to the St. Croix River and improving the County Y intersection.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • North- and southbound US 53 traffic is reduced to one lane from County T to the St. Croix River.
    • The speed limit in the work zone is reduced to 55 mph.

Highway: WIS 105

  • Location: Pokegama River Bridge, west of WIS 35 in Superior
  • Schedule: June 10 to September
  • Cost: $2.1 million
  • Description: Removing and replacing the structure.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Intermittent flagging is being used to allow trucks to enter and exit the work site.
    • Traffic anticipated to be moved to temporary bypass on Friday, July 17.

Highway: North 28th Street and 18th Avenue East

  • Location: North 28th Street: Hill Avenue to East 10th Street; and 18th Avenue East: East 10th Street to 3rd Street, city of Superior
  • Schedule: June 10 to July
  • Cost: $1.06 million
  • Description: Grading, milling asphaltic pavement, paving with hot-mix asphalt, completing curb, gutter and sidewalk work, signing and pavement marking.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • North 28th Street and 18th Avenue East are closed to through traffic because of work at railroad tracks.
    • Intermittent lane closures for paving.

Dunn County

Highway: I-94

  • Location: 250th Street to Wilson Creek, west of Menomonie
  • Schedule: Spring 2018 to June
  • Cost: $30.34 million
  • Description: Replacing bridges, resurfacing I-94, marking pavement and installing median cable barrier, guardrail, right of way fence and signs.
  • Traffic impacts: Motorists can expect intermittent flagging operations at 390th Street, 650th Avenue, County K and 250th Street.

Highway: WIS 72

  • Location: Eau Galle River Bridge, about two miles east of Elmwood
  • Schedule: April 6 to August
  • Cost: $1.94 million
  • Description: Removing and replacing the bridge, grading, signing and pavement marking.
  • Traffic impacts: WIS 72 is closed at the structure.
    • Detour: WIS 128, WIS 29 and WIS 25.

Dunn and St. Croix counties

Highway: I-94

  • Location: Between Hudson and Menomonie near Knapp
  • Schedule: March 25, 2019 to November 2020
  • Cost: $57.5 million
  • Description: Removing and replacing concrete pavement and six structures, grading, marking pavement and installing beam guard, cable barrier, right-of-way fencing and signing.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • There will be intermittent lane closures on east- and westbound I-94 from WIS 128 to 250th Street.
    • The passing lane of westbound I-94 will be switched to the eastbound side overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday, July 14 and 15. The switch is weather dependent.
    • The westbound driving lane will stay on the westbound side of I-94, and trucks will be directed to stay in that lane.
    • There will be a 15-foot maximum width from County K to County Q in the westbound passing and driving lanes.

Eau Claire County

Highway: US 12/WIS 312

  • Location: County EE/Town Hall Road intersection, northwest side of Eau Claire
  • Schedule: April to August
  • Cost: $590,000
  • Description: Extending turn lanes on WIS 312/US 12 at County EE/Town Hall Road and reconstructing Town Hall Road and Old Mill Plaza north of WIS 312/US 12.
  • Traffic impacts: None.

Highway: US 12

  • Location: Elco Road to Oak Knoll Road, between Altoona and Fall Creek
  • Schedule: June 1 to September
  • Cost: $1.28 million
  • Description: Removing and replacing box culverts over Six Mile Creek near Elco Road and Nine Mile Creek near Voight Road and rebuilding roadway approaches to accommodate new culverts.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Traffic on east- and westbound US 12 are traveling on a temporary bypass at Six Mile Creek near Elco Road.
    • South Elco Road is closed at in the work zone.
    • Traffic on east- and westbound US 12 is expected to be switched to a temporary bypass at Nine Mile Creek to the west of Oak Knoll Road on Monday, July 13.

Eau Claire and St. Croix counties

Highway: US 12, WIS 64, WIS 65 and WIS 312

  • Location: Various locations
  • Schedule: April 13 to fall
  • Cost: $760,000
  • Description: Replacing signals, poles and bases and completing beam guard, electrical and signing work.
  • Traffic impacts: None currently. 

Jackson County

Highway: US 12/WIS 27

  • Location: Northeast of Black River Falls.
  • Schedule: June 8 to November
  • Cost: $2.68 million
  • Description: Removing the existing Allen Creek stone masonry culvert and replacing it with a bridge and removing another culvert south of Allen Creek and replacing it with a culvert.
  • Traffic impacts: US 12/WIS 27 is closed to traffic in the Allen Creek work zone.
    • Detour: I-94, WIS 95 and US 12/WIS 27.

Rusk County

Highway: County D

  • Location: Deer Tail Creek Bridge, west of WIS 27
  • Schedule: July 6 to October
  • Cost: $1.36 million
  • Description: Removing and replacing bridge, base, asphaltic surface and guardrail.
  • Traffic impacts: County D is closed to through traffic.

St. Croix County

Highway: I-94

  • Location: Kinnickinnic River to County T
  • Schedule: July 6 to October
  • Cost: $5.04 million
  • Description: Resurfacing, grading slopes and pipe lining.
  • Traffic impacts: Work is being completed overnight with single-lane closures.

Highway: US 12

  • Location: Between US 63 and WIS 128, east of Baldwin
  • Schedule: April 27 to October 2020 and June 2021
  • Cost: $6.2 million
  • Description: Resurfacing US 12, making repairs to the bridge over the Union Pacific railroad tracks and safety improvements to shoulders, improving curb, gutter, culvert pipes and beam guard, signing and marking.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Motorists should expect single-lane closures with flagging operations in areas where work is happening.
    • Temporary signals are directing single lanes of traffic across the Union Pacific railroad bridge east of Woodville. The lane has a 13-foot width restriction.

Highway: County E

  • Location: Between County I and County A, northeast of Hudson
  • Schedule: April 30 to July
  • Cost: $1.94 million
  • Description: Reconditioning project, including grading, paving, signing and marking.
  • Traffic impacts: The road is open during construction, and flagging operations are being used to control traffic.

Taylor County

Highway: WIS 102

  • Location: Northeast of Rib Lake
  • Schedule: June 15 to July
  • Cost: $319,361
  • Description: Removing and replacing two culverts at the Spirit River.
  • Traffic impacts: None; project complete.

Trempealeau County

Highway: I-94

  • Location: Northwest of Osseo
  • Schedule: March 25, 2019 to October 2020
  • Cost: $10.02 million
  • Description: Removing and replacing four structures – two over County NN and two over the Buffalo River, road resurfacing, installing beam guard, pavement marking, fencing and signing.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Eastbound I-94:
      • There are single-lane closures from 5 a.m. Mondays through 10 a.m. Fridays.
  • Westbound I-94:
    • Starting next week, there will be single-lane closures from 5 a.m. Wednesdays until 11 a.m. Fridays.

Highway: US 53

  • Location: West junction of WIS 95 to Richter Road south of Whitehall
  • Schedule: May 27 to August
  • Cost: $2.4 million
  • Description: Patching concrete, cleaning culverts and replacing guardrail.
  • Traffic impacts: The road is closed to through traffic with a signed detour.
    • Detour: WIS 121, WIS 93 and WIS 95.

Highway: WIS 93

  • Location: Indee Boulevard in Independence to the north county line
  • Schedule: May 4 to October
  • Cost: $11.24 million
  • Description: Paving WIS 93, cold-in-place recycling, replacing culverts, lining pipes, updating curb ramps, marking pavement and installing guardrail, signing and centerline and edge line rumble strips.
  • Traffic impacts:
    • Traffic is being controlled by flagging and a pilot car.
    • The Buffalo River Bridge south of Eleva is reduced to one lane, with traffic being controlled using signals.

Highway: WIS 93

  • Location: Swenson Lane, town of Arcadia, to Blaschko Avenue, city of Arcadia
  • Schedule: June 2 to August
  • Cost: $2.91 million
  • Description: Resurfacing, rehabilitating guardrail, repairing culverts, widening shoulders and installing shoulder rumble strips.
  • Traffic impacts: None.

Highway: County D

  • Location: Beaver Creek Bridge, just south of the village of Ettrick
  • Schedule: Late May to August
  • Cost: $636,264
  • Description: Removing and replacing the bridge.
  • Traffic impacts: County D is closed to traffic.

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