Find a penny pick it up...Well here is our bright and shiny Penny. She is a young, sweet and loving shar pei mix that came to us as a stray from the Sawyer County pound. When we saw the state of her poor ears we immediately rushed her to the vet. Here's what they found. Penny has had chronic ear infections for a very long time.

Because of that her ear canals are completely blocked with infection, scabs and scar tissue. Even her poor ear flaps resemble cauliflowers due to her constant scratching in her attempt to find some relief from the pain & swelling. Initially, the Dr. put tubes in her ears to drain them and gave her antibiotics and as of now the infection is under control. Penny is completely and permanently deaf. She will be scheduled to go to Minneapolis to a specialist for a complete removal of all the yucky parts, which includes pretty much everything on the inside, and then sealed up to alleviate any future problems. The outside ear flaps will be cleaned up as much as possible.

Here's where we need our FB family and friends to step in. We will need to raise $3,500-$4,000 for the surgery to happen.

Please can you help us end the pain and suffering of this sweet girl? If so, click on the Donate button at the top of our page or go to our website.… Any amount will help. Make sure you note it is for Penny's surgery

My name is Brandy, and I am a sassy/sweet little girl- just depends on my mood! I can snuggle in your arms like a baby, but if I feel like playing, you better be ready!

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