WASHBURN COUNTY -- Criminal charges have been filed against three people following the overdose death of a 19-year-old man in Spooner, WI.

Criminal charges are filed against Mariah Pettit, age 27 (pictured left); Alana Yates, age 22 (pictured right); and Charles Blair, age 67 (no booking photo available), following law enforcement’s investigation into an overdose death in Spooner, WI.

According to a criminal complaint filed against Pettit, on March 7, 2022, at approximately 2:30a, law enforcement was at the Spooner Hospital on another matter, exiting the emergency room side, when a Deputy made contact with a male party. The man, later identified as Charles Blair, told the Deputy that he had picked up a male individual, over by the old hospital, the male individual was “not dressed for the weather” and was “not doing very well”, and so Blair had brought him to the emergency room.

The Deputy and nursing staff went out to the vehicle and located the male individual in the rear of Blair’s vehicle. The criminal complaint states that a female, later identified as Alana Yates, was in the front passenger seat.

The criminal complaint states that no pulse could be found on the male individual and although Narcan was administered multiple times, shortly after 3a, lifesaving measures were stopped, and the coroner was contacted. The deceased was ultimately identified as Logan Demarr, age 19.

Law enforcement interviewed Blair and Yates and initially, they reiterated the story that Demarr had been found while Blair and Yates were driving in Spooner, and they had brought him to the hospital for care, however, during the days following Demarr’s death, law enforcement received information indicating that Demarr had been using controlled substances at Pettit’s residence in the City of Spooner on the date of the overdose.

That information was allegedly corroborated when law enforcement ultimately interviewed a witness (not identified by name in the criminal complaint) who had also been at Pettit’s residence on March 7 when Demarr had been there. The witness stated that they left when Pettit started using heroin with Demarr and that a short time later the witness received a phone call from Pettit stating that Demarr was overdosing. The witness said that they told Pettit to call an ambulance and that Pettit allegedly indicated she had some Narcan available.

The criminal complaint goes on to state that on March 10, 2022, Investigators for the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office were advised that Yates was at the Washburn County Jail and was stating that she wanted to “come clean” about what had happened with Demarr.

Yates told investigators that she had been at Pettit’s residence on March 7, 2022, because she needed a place to crash as she was coming down from a methamphetamine high. Yates allegedly described Pettit and Demarr going into a bathroom together to use heroin, and then later attempting CPR on Demarr.

Allegedly Pettit called Blair and “begged” him to come to her residence, and when Blair arrived he said, “...we’re about to put a dead body in the back of my car.” The criminal complaint states that Yates and Blair put Demarr into Blair’s car, and took him to the Spooner hospital. Yates told investigators that she felt Demarr’s pulse on the way to the hospital, but could not really hear him breathing.

Yates returned to Pettit’s residence after leaving the hospital, and allegedly Pettit kept telling Yates the story to say and when Yates couldn’t get the story straight, Pettit wrote it down on a piece of paper and tried to have Yates recite it back to her.

Online circuit court records show that Pettit is charged with Class I Felony Maintain Drug Trafficking Place, and Party to a Crime, Misdemeanor Resisting / Obstructing an Officer. Pettit appeared for a bail bond hearing on March 21, 2022, and the Hon. Angeline Winton ordered a $1,000 cash bond for her. Pettit is scheduled to have an initial appearance on May 16, 2022, regarding her charges.

Blair and Yates are both charged with Party to a Crime, Class I Felony Maintain Drug Trafficking Place, and Misdemeanor Resisting / Obstructing an Officer. At the time of this post, online court records do not include bail bond information for either Blair or Yates. They are both scheduled to have initial appearances on May 23, 2022.


Pursuant to the direction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3.6, Trial Publicly, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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