This time I get to be pet of the week.

My name is Ed, some might call me unique.

Others might say I am just a black cat

But let me tell you, I am much more than that

I’m playful, so silly, your stomach will hurt

When it comes to fun, they call me an expert

I don’t have a care other than having fun

And this where I, Ed, will get the job done

I will keep you laughing with things that I do

I also will show, just how much I love you

I’ve been here so long, but I just don’t why

From kitten to cat, crazy how the time flies

I’m now 8 months old, Christmas is almost here

I promise you I will be your Christmas cheer!

Cats for adoption: 2 yr. old neutered orange/wht long-hair tiger, 5 month old neutered blk/wht short-hair, 8 month old male blk short-hair, 3 yr. old neutered blk shorthair, 2 yr. old female brn/wht/blk short-hair, two 4 month old male buff short-hairs, 4 1/2 month old neutered blk/wht short-hair, 2 yr. old male ornage/wht shorthair, 3 month old male gray/wht shorthair Tabby, blk/wht male shorthair, 1 1/2 yr. old female longhair dilute Calico and a 1 yr. old female blk/wht shorthair.

Dogs for adoption: 4 yr. old blk/wht male Pit Bull, 3 yr. old neutered German Shepherd, 1 1/2 yr. old blk/wht male Border Collie mix, 4 yr. old male brn/wht English Setter and a 3 1/2 yr. old male blk/brn/wht Walker Hound.

You can still make a donation to light a light in honor or in memory of your special pet(s) as we will continue to add your animals names on an ornament that is placed on the tree at the shelter right up until Christmas day. To get a “tree of lights” form, you can call the shelter at 715-635-4720 for one to be mailed to you, pick one up at WCAHS or you can find a form on our website

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