Just a reminder, most of the lakes in Washburn County are probably not save to drive on. A Minnesota ice fisherman found that out this morning when he was driving on Spooner Lake, just off the landing by Spooner Golf Course, his Chevrolet Silverado P/U went through the ice a couple hundred yards off the landing. 

WI DNR handled the incident and after to talking to the Warden I just thought I would remind folks to be careful, know the lake you are driving on. Ice thickness varies from lake to lake. Watch out for ice ridges, the ice is thinner in these spots. You just never know when and where the thin ice is until to late. 

We are thankful no one was injured and both driver and passenger are ok, might be a little wet, but alive. The vehicle will not be removed until tomorrow at the earliest. 

Be Safe

Sheriff Dryden

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