Details of Event: On Thursday, May 18th, 2017 at about 9:50 am the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Township of Bloomer, Chippewa County for a recovered military ordinance. Persons cleaning out a shed on their property found a suspicious object later identified as a75mm German mountain artillery shell.  The Chippewa County Sheriff Office identified the object as an ordinance and contacted the Marathon-Oneida County Bomb Squad.  The Marathon-Oneida County Bomb Squad determined the potentially dangerous ordinance was some type of German arterially shell. Due to the type and age of artillery shell the United States Army was contacted.  The United States Army, based out of Madison, WI, responded to the scene. While on scene the artillery shell was removed from the shed and properly disposed of. This was an isolated incident and there is no longer a danger or threat to persons or property in the area.

  • Date and Time of Event: 05/18/17 at 9:50 am
  • Type of Event: Suspicious Object Found 
  • Location of Event: Township of Bloomer
  • Agencies Involved: Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office, Marathon-Oneida County Bomb Squad, and United States Army
  • Authority:  Lt. Rick Starck, Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office

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