POLK COUNTY — A man has been sentenced on his convictions in a Polk County case charging him with Operating While Intoxicated, Causing Injury (2+).

DrydenWire.com reported on February 6, 2017, that Mickey Pugsley of Osceola had been arrested following a 2-vehicle head-on crash that caused injuries to 2 juveniles.

According to a statement from Polk County Sheriff’s Office, two vehicle were involved in the crash. Pugsley, who was driving a Chevrolet Silverado, was injured and transported for medical care.

Two juveniles in the other vehicle “sustained incapacitating injuries”, said Captain Hall from Polk County at the time; the extent of the injuries to the two adults in that vehicle are not known. Names of the victims are not known to DrydenWire.com.

According to online circuit court records, charges were filed against Pugsley on February 7, 2017:

  • Four counts of Class H Felony OWI Cause Injury (2+)
  • Four counts of Class H Felony Prohibited Alcohol Concentration Cause Injury (2+)
  • Misdemeanor Operating While Revoked

Pugsley appeared for a sentencing hearing on December 7, 2018, and was sentenced on the four counts of Class H Felony OWI Cause Injury  (2+). Online circuit court records indicate that in April 2018, Pugsley appeared for a plea hearing at which time the remainder of his charges were dismissed.

The Court ordered an Imposed and Stayed Sentence of 2 years on each of Pugsley’s convictions, to be served consecutively, with 5 years of probation to be served concurrently on each of his convictions and 6 months of conditional jail to be served up front (an additional 6 months of jail time will be banked for use by the Department of Corrections as deemed appropriate).

If Pugsley’s probation is revoked, he would serve 1 year of initial confinement consecutively on each of his four convictions, to be followed by 1 year of extended supervision consecutively on each of his convictions.

Conditions of Pugsley’s probation require him to maintain absolute sobriety and complete an Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment and comply with recommended treatment. Pugsley must also complete Polk County treatment/counseling and comply with recommendations as well as cooperating with any programming recommended by the Department of Corrections. He must maintain full time employment and pay over $8,000 in restitution along with several thousand dollars in costs, fines, and surcharges.

The Court also ordered Pugsley to write a letter of apology to the victims of the crash.

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