Polk County’s Ledger Newspapers Ceasing Publication

The Ledger is ceasing publication of their newspapers in Polk County

Polk County’s Ledger Newspapers Ceasing Publication

POLK COUNTY -- The Ledger is ceasing publication of their newspapers in Polk County, according to a statement from Ledger Publications published on the Ledger Newspaper Facebook page.


Adieu, farewell and goodbye

After over 125 years of continuous publishing, this is the final edition of the Ledger Newspapers (Polk County Ledger Press, St. Croix Falls Standard Press and Luck Enterprise Press). The continuing erosion of subscription and advertising revenue leads us to this sad decision.

Major factors for this decision are electronic social media news stories on Twitter, Facebook and others that are being accepted as fact without any attempt at verification. Many of these news stories have no author, compared to professional journalists, who have verification for all news stories published.

COVID-19 has curtailed most community town events. Area schools have been forced to alter or cancel their sports and other activities. These activities are the mainstay for a community newspaper.

We would like to recognize the thousands of loyal subscribers, advertisers and friends that helped our efforts through the many years of publishing the newspapers.


Ledger Publications, Inc.

This annoucement comes on the heels of the announcement that the Washburn County Register will be shutting their doors after 131 years of publications on September 30, 2020.

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