Local business Clover Meadow Winery & White Wolf Distillery has partnered with DrydenVine to create their new website, wine labels, etc., along with new logos. The logo for the White Wolf Distillery is the only one that we can't seem to decide on and we need that before we can move forward. 

As of today, we are down to two final options. The team at Clover Meadow / White Wolf and our team at DrydenVine are 50/50 on which we like best, so we thought we would put out a poll to let you have a say in what logo we should use.

Here was the previous logo:

The direction of the new logo is to be minimalistic, streamlined, unique, and modern. This logo will also appear on the White Wolf Distillery's organic Brandies and Shine bottle labels.

Option A: Logo Using Similar Portrait of the Previous Logo

Option B: Transparent Front-Facing Logo


Vote Now for Option A or Option B



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