News Release

POLK COUNTY -- Polk County Land and Water Resources and Public Health Departments have received notification from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources that potential blue- green toxic producing algae has been detected at Coon Lake in Frederic.

Caution should be used when participating in recreational or pet water activities at Coon Lake. A water quality advisory is in effect at Coon Lake.

To protect yourself, family, or pets from illness:

  • Do not touch mats of algae, scum layers, foam or other visible blooms of blue- green algae.
  • Do not swim in areas where water is discolored or where you see foam, scum, or mats of algae on the water’s surface.
  • Do not eat fish organs, only fish filets. Rinse filets well with clean water before cooking or freezing. Wash your hands or shower off with soap and water after catching and cleaning fish.
  • Do not let dogs drink or swim in lake water during an algal bloom.
  • Do not let dogs eat algal scum or lick it off their fur.
  • Always wash your hands or shower off with soap and water after participating in recreational water activities.
  • Always wash pets with clean water immediately if he/she swims or wades in water during algal blooms.
  • Do not use lake water for irrigation on lawns. The lake water contains small pieces of the algae. Children and pets can encounter the algae when playing in lawns after irrigation.

At this time, no reports of illness related to activities within the lake have been reported.

Informational signs notifying the public are posted at Coon Lake.

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