WASHBURN COUNTY -- The Court has ordered a prison term for a man convicted of 8th Offense Operating While Intoxicated (OWI).

DrydenWire.com reported in July 2018 that Raymond Bresette was arrested by the Wisconsin State Patrol following a traffic stop for speeding.

Bresette, from Bayfield, WI, was arrested for 10th Offense OWI, according to the State Patrol press release. Charges of OWI (10th or More), Operating w/ PAC (10th+), Possess w/Intent Psilocin (<=100 g), Possess w/ Intent-THC(>200-1000g), Possess Drug Paraphernalia, and Operate with Restricted Controlled Substance (10th or More) were filed against Bresette. Online circuit court records show, however, that at a court hearing in April 2019, the Court found that 2 of Bresette’s prior convictions for OWI could not be used, reducing his charges to 8th Offense, instead of 10th Offense.

A Jury Trial was later scheduled for Bresette, to be held in April 2020, however, at a recent court hearing, Bresette entered a plea of Guilty to the reduced charge of OWI 8th Offense. The charge of Possess w/Intent Psilocin (<=100 g) was dismissed but read in, and the remaining charges filed against Bresette were dismissed. Details of the plea negotiations on Bresette’s court case were not included in online circuit court records.

The Court ordered a 9-year sentence for Bresette; 4 years of initial confinement in State Prison to be followed by 5 years of extended supervision.

Conditions of Bresette’s supervision will prohibit him from consuming alcohol or any controlled substances unless prescribed. Bresette will also be prohibited from entering any establishment that sells alcohol for consumption on premises.

The Court ordered Bresette to undergo an Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment/Mental Health Assessment and comply with any and all other conditions the Department of Corrections imposes.

Last Update: Feb 14, 2020 6:47 pm CST

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