BARRON COUNTY -- Florida reported the first child death from influenza (flu) this week. This is the first child death reported in the 2018-19 flu season. Public Health tracks child deaths and flu hospitalizations.  

“Last year was a bad year for the flu. Wisconsin had 2x as many hospitalizations as in any of the last five years,” states Laura Sauve, Barron County Health Officer.  “We need everyone to take steps to protect their family from the flu.”

Common flu symptoms include fever, cough, body aches, tiredness, chills, sore throat, and runny or stuffy nose.

Three steps to protect your family:

  1. Get Vaccinated: Get flu vaccine every year if you are 6 months or older.
  2. Stop Germs: Wash your hands often and stay home when sick.  Stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever ends.
  3. Medication: Talk to your medical provider about taking medications, called antivirals, to help limit the flu virus effects.  People most at risk for complications-the young, the old, pregnant women, and people with other health concerns- may need medication. Most healthy people do not need medication.

Flu vaccines are available at your clinic and at many local pharmacies. Barron County Public Health has free flu vaccine for children under 19 years old.  Public health works with schools to provide flu vaccinations at each school.  

For more information contact public health at 715-537-5691, ext 6442. Or go to or 

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