Legislation Authored By Senator Romaine Quinn Signed Into Law

Quinn: All of the bills work to improve the well-being of the constituents of the 25th Senate District.

Legislation Authored By Senator Romaine Quinn Signed Into Law

Madison, Wis. – Today legislation authored by Senator Romaine Robert Quinn (R-Cameron) was signed into law, including:

Senate Bill 109 - operation of an all-terrain vehicle or utility terrain vehicle owned by an electric cooperative on a highway

  • SB 109, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 64, introduced with Representative Chanz Green (R-Grand View), will allow electric cooperatives to operate ATVs/UTVs on public roadways for the purposes of line maintenance, construction, or restoration of power. Utilities need to quickly conduct maintenance after storms and power outages. ATVs and UTVs have become an essential tool in accessing power line rights of way in areas of snow, wet ground conditions, fallen trees, and other rough terrain.

Senate Bill 159 - Department of Natural Resources habitat work plan

  • SB 159, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 66, requires the Department of Natural Resources to create a biennial work plan that establishes priorities and goals for habitat work on lands managed by DNR and measures progress on the established goals. DNR must annually report its progress under the work plan to the Legislature and the Natural Resources Board.
  • The goal of the bill is to increase transparency and accountability on managing the state’s lands. Residents of the state, especially those who love the outdoors and recreation, deserve to know how the state is managing their lands.

Senate Bill 251 – members of the Council on Veterans Programs

  • SB 251, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 70, eliminates inactive groups from the Council on Veterans Programs and adds three veteran service coordinator positions to make the council more relevant and responsive to today’s needs for our state’s veterans. These new positions on the council will better match today’s veteran population and offer the perspectives of veterans of more recent conflicts.

Senate Bill 263 – 100-day prescription drug supplies under SeniorCare and amending an administrative rule related to 100-day prescription drug supplies permitted under SeniorCare

  • SB 263, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 71, aims to allow seniors on SeniorCare to purchase 100-day supplies of certain prescription drugs. The bill requires the Department of Health Services to apply for a waiver from the federal government to amend Wisconsin’s plan to allow the purchase of prescription drugs in this manner. During the pandemic the federal and state governments opened up this option to allow 100-day supplies of certain prescription drugs.
  • Senator Quinn introduced the legislation after hearing from seniors who were confused as to why they could no longer purchase their prescriptions in this supply and had to go back to paying multiple co-pays and making more trips to the pharmacy.
  • If the waiver is granted, this legislation will save seniors, who may have transportation challenges, multiple trips to the pharmacy, which can also mean hours of time in rural areas.

All of the above bills, which received bipartisan support, work to improve the well-being of the constituents of the 25th Senate District, Quinn said.

Romaine Robert Quinn (R-Cameron) represents the 25th Senate District, which includes all of Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland, Iron, Burnett, Washburn, Barron, and Price Counties, and significant portions of Sawyer County

Last Update: Dec 06, 2023 5:39 pm CST

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