BURNETT COUNTY -- The Burnett County Sheriff’s Office says that they are investigating a string of recent burglaries reported in Burnett County. So far, the businesses that have been burglarized have been bars or bar-type establishments.  

The Sheriff's Office provided DrydenWire.com the following list of businesses that have reported burglaries:

  1. 9/6/17 - The American Legion Tavern; Grantsburg
  2. 9/9/17 - The Last Call Bar; Siren
  3. 9/11/17 - The Black and Orange Bar; Webster
  4. 9/11/17 -The 10th Hole; Danbury
  5. 9/11/17 - Denny’s Lanes; Grantsburg
  6. 9/11/17 - Dreamer’s St Croix Bar and Grill; Grantsburg

The Sheriff’s Office is asking if other area businesses have had recent break-ins, to call them at: 715-349-2121.

The Sheriff’s Office would not state if there have been any arrests or if they have any suspects.

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