Rebecca Kleefisch: The Swamp Doesn’t Like Me (But I Don't Like Them Either)

"Today, twelve years after my first run-in with the Madison snakes and weasels, they are trying to stop me again."

Rebecca Kleefisch: The Swamp Doesn’t Like Me (But I Don't Like Them Either)

I'm a mom. In 2010, I said, “I’m a mom and I have a minivan,” in response to Democrats’ insistence that we needed a high-speed train boondoggle. Back then, I worked with the grassroots in the Tea Party movement to do what many people thought was impossible. I took down the Madison insiders' candidate.

When I won, Scott Walker and I balanced our state checkbook, just like our families all have to. Simple, right? But enacting common-sense changes on behalf of the voters and taxpayers made the liberals absolutely lose it.

100,000 protestors stormed Madison to defend the swamp. It turns out the Madison swamp wanted to keep business as usual and didn’t want our input.

So, they tried to recall me, and I won. I didn't back down then; I will not back down now.

Today, the swamp is back in charge of our state government. Heck, Tony Evers put the road builders' lobbyist who fought tooth and nail to defeat Scott Walker as the head of the Transportation Department. Our Republican state legislators need a strong leader and ally to do the right thing for you and your family on election integrity, defending the unborn, and curbing the growing crime epidemic.

How do we do this? Dismantle Madison. Turning it upside down is cute but not enough. Brick by brick, we need to take back power from the bureaucrats and lobbyists who run the swamp. That's why I'm ready to take back control from Madison by moving our state agencies out into the rest of the state.

Our government needs to answer to the people it serves — not the radical left and lobbyists where they live. Wouldn't it be nice for those who run the Department of Transportation to hear about how our local rural roads need help instead of only focusing on lobbyists' demands?

Today, twelve years after my first run-in with the Madison snakes and weasels, they are trying to stop me again. They don't want me advocating for you and ruining their backroom deals and good ole boys’ club. After gossiping around the Capitol telling anyone who would listen that I “can’t be controlled,” they recruited someone they could control. They don’t even have to put skin in the game. A millionaire can pay them from the campaign now… and pay them in favors later. This angry little cabal of lobbyists and campaign consultants is intent on the greasiest type of politics: that's how the swamp works, and I'm up for the challenge to beat them. I did in 2010. I did it in the recall, and I will do it again.

As a mom, I'm not afraid to get dirty when I have to clean up a major mess. It’s what we do. We need a proven fighter because the far left is getting increasingly insane and the greasiest lobbyists are descending on Wisconsin’s surplus like vultures. There is one thing those men are completely right on… they cannot control me.

I'm the only candidate in this race who is battle-tested against the extreme left crazies AND the Madison swamp, and I’m ready to go on Day One. But, the fight to give the power back to you won't be easy, and I need help. So, I hope I can count on you for a nomination signature to get on the ballot, a small-dollar donation, or some of your time knocking on doors or calling your friends to let them know what we're up against. With the power of the grassroots, we can truly drain the Madison swamp.

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