BURNETT COUNTY -- Burnett County Sheriff Tracy Finch is recognizing three members of county Law Enforcement by presenting them with Commendation Letters and Life Saving Pins, according to a press release from the Burnett County Sheriff's Office.

Press Release

In law enforcement for Burnett County every summer seems to be marked with a “big” event. Now, I am not talking about a fair or a get-together. I am talking about an unsavory situation where we have had to adapt and overcome. The summer of 2021 is not quite complete, but it has been marked with some events of similar nature.

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In June, during a period of seven days, two people had their lives saved by the skilled use of our drone operators. Deputy Patrick Carlson and Grantsburg Officer Joel Klatt both used the technology that our drone provides to safely bring two different people to safety.

In July Deputy Krupa had to sacrifice her own safety by breaking the window of a burning vehicle and pull a person out to safety. She put herself directly in harm’s way to save this person’s life.

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If it were not for the skilled and dedicated law enforcement of Burnett County the summer of 2021 would not be marked by saved lives. It would be marked by tragedy.

Every summer there are countless situations that law enforcement acts on to prevent further injury, damage or death. None of these situations surprise me, since I know how great our people are. This is just an opportunity to boast for those that would never do so for themselves.

These three were presented with Commendation Letters and Life Saving Pins on 7-27-21 as a sign of our appreciation.

- Per Sheriff Tracy Finch

[Pictured: Grantsburg Police Chief Dan Wald, Grantsburg Police Officer Joel Klatt, Deputy Patrick Carlson, Deputy Caryn Krupa and Sheriff Tracy Finch.]

Last Update: Jul 27, 2021 3:30 pm CDT

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