If you've never tried reflexology, it comes highly recommended to keep the body in balance and to help activate the body's natural abilities to heal itself through rubbing the corresponding places on the soles of the feet which represent an identical internal spot in the upper body.  

It's benefits? An increase of energy, a boost in your circulation, the elimination of toxins from the body, and the best part-it induces a deep state of relaxation.

Picture yourself in a quiet, calm room at Shell Lake's Vitality Village. The walls are painted in the deep earth tones of green and brown, and there is a smell of something soothing in the air. A pillow is slipped under your knees, and you're covered with a warm blanket. As you sink into the reclining chair, the gentle sounds of running water and soft music fill your senses.

Suddenly there is a smiling certified professional down by your bare feet wiping your tootsies with a warm, wet washcloth. Then, as you try hard not to close your eyes, she starts to gently rub one of your feet with an ever so slightly scented lotion.  

The traditional Chinese lantern that hangs like the gentle moon across the room starts to fade as you give in to this soothing experience, feeling your eyes closed and your body relax.

You're asked by Anita, your reflexologist, if you'd like her to keep a running commentary as to which body part she is affecting as she rubs the corresponding spot on the sole of your foot, or if you'd like her to work in silence and review your information after the session.

Anita Dugan's business name is Helping Hands, and Sole Reflexology and unknown to most people, this well-traveled lady, a Chicago native has lived in and trained in many states and a few foreign countries and has worked in medicine for most of her life.

He dad was a Veteran, and the family moved often. It was while they were living in Colorado that she became a lab tech and then an EMT. She loved health care and joined the Army Air Force to become a med tech, moving to Utah.  

Her Air Force career led her to become a med tech aboard a DC9 Nightingale assisting the nurses. That's where she met her husband, David, who was a flight med tech too.  

She served five years of active duty, and it was the Air Force Reserves that helped her finish her twenty-three years experiencing being a pharmacy tech, and working in the E.R., and the I.C.U. In Germany.
Eventually, she began the education she'd need to become a social worker, working for the Washburn County Children's Service department for five years and then Northern Bridges for two years.

Now living in Shell Lake, she's been at Vitality Village for the past six years doing reflexology on clients from age three to age ninety, while putting in 'casual' hours at the Lakeview Medical Center as a medical social worker. In that position, she helps with patient discharge in charge of planning and organizing home health care and equipment when needed as a part of the aftercare.

Because of her years of medical work, she's big on charting her patient's care. Her reflexology clients realize this when their session is over, and she leaves the room allowing you to take an additional ten-minute snooze. While you rest, she is right outside the door charting the results of your session.  

When she reenters the room, she brings a glass of water for you to drink, telling you how critical it is always to keep hydrated. When you've got your shoes back on, she invites you to sit at her desk, and there's where she explains your treatment and her assessment of the session.

All you want to do at that point is to find out when you can come back. When Anita tells you that she has package prices available, you reach for your checkbook to take advantage of getting four sessions for the price of three.

A half-hour session is $30, or four sessions for $90. The hour session goes for $45 or four for $135.
You grab her business card and see that she only works by appointment only, and she takes cash or check and writes lots of gift certificates.

If you would like to try a session, give her a call at her Vitality Village location in Shell Lake that's in the Industrial Park next to the Potter's Shed at 715-520-2914.

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