SAWYER COUNTY --The Court has sentenced a registered sex offender for violations of Sex Offender Registry requirements. published a post in February 2020, stating that Sundown Doney, a registered sex offender, was facing new charges in Sawyer County circuit court for Class H Felony Sex Offender Registry Violation and that a warrant for Doney’s arrest had been issued.

The complaint filed against Doney stated that Doney had reported a new address which was in a different county than the one Doney was currently being supervised in and so a supervision transfer was required. When probation and parole agents arrived at the residence listed by Doney, he was not there, the residence was locked, and no furniture or belongings were visible through the windows. Due to Doney’s whereabouts being unknown at that time, a warrant for his arrest was issued on February 6, 2020.

Online circuit court records show that in April 2020, Doney appeared for a court hearing by phone from the Barron County Jail where he was in custody. Doney appeared for several more court hearings through 2020 and at a hearing in April 2021, he entered a plea of Guilty to his charge of Class H Felony Sex Offender Registry Violation. On September 3, 2021, the Court ordered a 5-year sentence for Doney on his conviction; 1 year of initial confinement in state prison to be followed by 4 years of extended supervision.

The sentence is to be served concurrently with sentences that he is serving on a previous conviction for 2nd Degree Sexual Assault from a case filed in 2008 and also on convictions of Burglary from a case filed in 2004.  Online records show that Doney had been released on extended supervision for those prior convictions and his supervision was revoked in June 2020. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections Offender Locator website indicates that in December 2020 Doney was returned to the Wisconsin Prison System. Details are not listed as to the length of term that he is to serve on those prior convictions.

DrydenWire’s previous post stated that Doney also had pending charges for Class H Felony Child Abuse-Intentionally Cause Harm in a separate Sawyer County Circuit Court criminal case filed in June 2019. Online circuit court records show that a jury trial was held in September 2020 regarding these charges and Doney was found Not Guilty.

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At the time of the previous post, additional charges against Doney were also pending in Barron County Circuit Court for Misdemeanor Battery and Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct. Online circuit court records show that in June 2020, the charge of Misdemeanor Battery was dismissed and the charge of Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct was reduced to a non-criminal charge of Disorderly Conduct.

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