Press Release

Renee M. Bell announces her candidacy for re-election for Washburn County Register of Deeds.

Bell has served as Register of Deeds since 2017. Acting Register of Deeds in 2016. Prior to being elected to the position, Bell was the Deputy Register of Deeds for 20 years.

Since taking office Bell has modernized the process of preserving all records, thus making them available online for payment and access to title companies, attorneys and the public.

Bell implemented E recordings for filing real estate records electronically and continues to modernize and implement duties of the position per statutes required.

Bell serves on the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association Board, is Chair of Conference and Program Committee and is District Chair to 11 counties.

Bell has knowledge, experience and dedication. Bell is fiscally responsible and dependable and has been a Washburn County resident for 35 years.

Bell is grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the residents and taxpayers of Washburn County.

Last Update: Apr 15, 2020 7:07 am CDT

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