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MADISON, WI – Rep. Dave Armstrong (R-Rice Lake) joined his Assembly colleagues in special session today to pass Special Session Senate Bill 1, which directs Governor Evers’ Department of Workforce Development to begin the process of updating the information technology systems it uses to process and pay unemployment insurance claims.

“Wisconsin’s UI program has been a disaster for almost a year, and Governor Evers has consistently refused to take steps to improve things, despite frequent requests that he do so,” Representative Armstrong said. “Given the Governor’s eagerness over the past year to exercise powers he doesn’t have, I find it puzzling that he’s been so reluctant to use his actual power and fix a broken system on which hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents have depended.”

Special Session Senate Bill 1 also includes language that protects businesses, schools and other entities from civil liability for exposure to COVID-19.

“The Legislature included liability protections in Assembly Bill 1 of the regular session,” Representative Armstrong explained.  “Unfortunately, Governor Evers vetoed that bill, but I believe it’s important to protect businesses that act in good faith, so I’m glad SS SB 1 once again includes this provision. Times have been hard enough for Wisconsin businesses without the threat of frivolous lawsuits hanging over their heads.”

The Assembly concurred in Special Session Senate Bill 1 on a bipartisan 89-0 vote. The Senate passed Special Session Senate Bill 1 last week, so the bill will now go to Governor Evers for his approval.

Last Update: Feb 23, 2021 4:43 pm CST

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