With the election now behind us, I’m sure that you are just as excited as me to see the barrage of political ads come to an end. As we turn our focus towards continuing to move Wisconsin forward, I would like to begin by thanking the people of the 87th Assembly District for re-electing me to serve you for another two years. As I often tell folks, being your state representative is the best job I’ve ever had. It is still humbling to me that my fellow citizens have placed their trust in me to be their voice in the State Assembly. I’m honored to continue working for you.

I know that like me, a lot of folks around the 87th District are disappointed that a new governor was not elected on November 8th. There is no denying that some of the conservative policies that many of my constituents would like to see implemented now face a much more difficult road to becoming law. However, the Republican majority in the Legislature will continue to advance the priorities of the people we were elected to represent just as we have over the past four years. For example, last session Governor Evers proposed a state budget that would have increased taxes by over $1 billion. The Legislature rejected that proposal and instead passed a budget that cut taxes for the middle-class by over $3 billion. To the governor’s credit, he saw the error of his ways and signed the Republican authored budget into law.

With that said, even though it is not often reported in the media, there was a lot of legislation that passed with bipartisan support. According to the Legislative Reference Bureau more than 85% of the bills approved by the Legislature this past session received bipartisan support. I am also proud of the fact that many of the bills I introduced this past session received the support of both Republicans and Democrats.

There is no doubt that the political atmosphere in Madison will continue to be challenging. Even so my job remains the same, to work on behalf of the people I represent and advocate for the priorities of the Northwoods in Madison. While there will be areas where I don’t see eye to eye with Governor Evers I still believe there is some common ground where we can work together. I’m willing to work with him whenever I believe his policies are in the best interests of the people I represent.

Looking ahead, my staff and I are already hard at work preparing for next session. Some of the legislation that we are working on came from suggestions shared with me by folks in the 87th District. If you have an idea for the upcoming session, do not hesitate to reach out and share it with me. Some of the best ideas for legislation come from constituents just like you.

Last Update: Nov 30, 2022 8:01 am CST

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