MADISON – Today, Representative James Edming (R-Glen Flora) voted in favor of Assembly Bill (AB) 1, also known as the “Pre-Existing Condition Guaranteed Coverage Act”.  This legislation adds pre-existing conditions protections to state law.

“Like me, a lot of folks around the 87th District know someone with a pre-existing medical condition,” said Rep. Edming.  “I am glad that the first priority for the State Assembly this session was passing AB 1.  Ensuring health insurance coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions is very important to me and many of the people I represent.”

Under AB 1, health insurance companies could not deny a policy to an individual because of a pre-existing condition.  Insurers will also be prevented from charging a person a higher premium based on their medical history.

“Passing AB 1 ensures that no matter what happens at the federal level Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions are protected,” said Rep. Edming.  “I am pleased to see this bill continue to move through the legislative process and hope to see it on the governor’s desk soon.”

AB 1 passed the State Assembly with wide bipartisan support and now moves to the State Senate for further consideration.

Last Update: Jan 23, 2019 4:49 am CST

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