MADISON – Rep. Magnafici (R-Dresser) applauded the Assembly’s recent decision to take up a veto override of Assembly Bill 76, a bipartisan bill that addresses the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) shortage many parts of the state are experiencing. The Assembly will vote on the veto override when it convenes on Wednesday, January 15.

Assembly Bill 76 would bring Wisconsin in line with federal guidelines surrounding CNA certification, mirroring neighboring states of Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan. Currently, Wisconsin requires 120 hours for CNA certification, a 60% increase from the federal requirement of 75 hours.

“I’m thrilled that the Assembly will be voting again to enact this great bill into law,” said Magnafici. “This bill originally passed in the Assembly with 66 votes – enough to override the Governor’s veto. I hope that my Assembly colleagues are able to again see beyond party lines and vote in favor of this legislation.”

Northern and western Wisconsin have been hit especially hard by the shortage, with many long-term care facilities reporting difficulties recruiting CNAs. The proposed legislation would provide a solution that would assist rural communities facing a severe shortage of healthcare workers.

“As the Representative for a district bordering Minnesota and a former nurse, I know firsthand how crucial this change would be for my area. By bringing our CNA requirements in line with our neighboring states, we remove a barrier of entry for CNAs working in Minnesota that want to come and work in Wisconsin.”

“I’m proud to have pushed my Assembly colleagues to support this veto override vote, and I’m confident we’ll be able to enact this bill into law.”

Assembly Bill 76 passed the Assembly in May by a vote of 66-31 with 3 Democrats joining all 63 Republicans to support the bill. If the bill receives at least 66 votes again in the Assembly, the bill would need to be passed by a two-thirds majority of the State Senate in order to become law.

Last Update: Jan 13, 2020 1:45 pm CST

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