MADISON – Representative Gae Magnafici (R-Dresser) joined her Assembly Republican colleagues this week in supporting additional investment in education that would target funds directly into classrooms.

“I’m very excited about what we’ve been able to accomplish on the education front,” Magnafici commented. “This education plan continues the growth in education investment that Wisconsin has committed to over the last decade and ensures that the children in the rural areas of our state have access to the exceptional education they deserve.”

The Republican-backed plan would invest $200 per pupil in additional funding for the first year, and $204 per pupil in the second year of the budget, with a majority of these funds being infused directly into classrooms.

Rural school districts would also see additional resources under the plan. The budget plan would increase funding for high cost transportation aids and increase spending limits for low-revenue school districts from $9,400 per student to $9,700 in the first year of the budget and $10,000 in the second year of the budget.

The plan would also increase special education funding by 13% and increase funding for student mental health services by $20 million. The foundation of the education budget mirrors the current budget, which at the time of introduction, Governor Evers called a “pro-kid budget.”

The education plan must now be voted on by both the Assembly and the Senate as a part of the larger budget bill that is currently being assembled by the legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance. If the bill passes both houses, Governor Evers must sign the bill in order for the education plan to become law.

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