Press Release

MADISON, WI -- Representative Gae Magnafici (R – Dresser) released the following statement after voting to cut Wisconsinites’ taxes by over $3.3 billion:

“I voted to turn Governor Evers’ liberal wish list into an actual budget capable of funding Wisconsin’s priorities. I am taking a $1 billion tax increase from Governor Evers and turning it into a $3.4 billion tax cut.

After making smart fiscal decisions, Legislative Republicans came into the most recent state budget with a historic surplus. The new budget reinvests this money into Wisconsinites in the form of tax cuts directed towards families.

This tax cut is so large that it will save the average family roughly $1,200 in income and property tax relief. Wisconsinites have weathered through an economy shut down by their governor, high unemployment, and low participation in the workforce. Wisconsinites deserve a tax cut.”

Last Update: Jun 30, 2021 9:27 am CDT

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