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For many, summer in Wisconsin is greatly anticipated all year and every year. Children get a break from school and families often take trips together. We all get a break from colder weather. Communities come together to enjoy food, music, and traditions at countless festivals and fairs. Unfortunately, this year many of the celebrations and festivities we are accustomed to have been cancelled in the interest of keeping our neighbors and loved ones safe. However, over the past several months people of all ages have demonstrated how resilient and innovative we can be in the face of challenges.

I have heard from many people during these difficult times and have been inspired by their stories. I have seen first-hand the way people have come together, despite being physically distanced, to overcome obstacles. In the last few months children and school employees have adapted to remote learning, communities have supported small businesses, and people have navigated the difficult realities of employment or unemployment during a pandemic. Our hardworking healthcare workers and other essential employees have bravely put their safety on the line to provide us with the care and services we all need. All of this has proven something we have always known, that residents of Northwestern Wisconsin are strong.

Regardless of our resiliency, COVID-19 has come at a great cost to many. Summertime cancellations can be especially disappointing given the stressful past several months we have all had. However, just as we have navigated through the many challenges, we have found innovative ways to work through them. I am optimistic that we will adapt to the changes this year brings and come up with new ways to safely enjoy the summer months. I have faith in the creativity of our communities, specifically of our children.

These troubled times will not last forever. While it’s understandable to be saddened by the cancellation of anticipated fun activities that is occurring now, we can find hope and we can find more appreciation for each other. More than ever I am finding myself thankful for my family. I am thankful to live in such a beautiful place with many opportunities to explore the outdoors.

I am hopeful that each of us is able to maintain a positive attitude and experience newfound joy from the little things we oftentimes have overlooked. This summer will provide us with many opportunities to learn more about each other, take up new hobbies, and experience nature.

Just as we have been resilient before, I know we will get through these temporary changes as well and come out even stronger because of it.

Always remember to please be kind to one another.

Last Update: Jun 19, 2020 12:06 pm CDT

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