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Wisconsin's hospitals and clinics are safe, clean and taking all necessary precautions to provide quality care for patients and their families. Individuals should never hesitate to seek emergency care if they are experiencing symptoms and feel it is necessary to receive medical attention. Mike Schafer, CEO of Spooner Health, released the following statement:

“Hospitals across Wisconsin, including local ones like Spooner Health, are not only excited to start seeing patients again, but are safe and ready. Services like rehabilitation therapies, diagnostic imaging, and outpatient surgeries are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety, health and wellness of both patients and staff. This is why we are here, our mission as hospitals - to take care of patients.”

At Spooner Health, every patient is screened upon entry. Everyone in the facility is practicing social distancing and wearing masks. The emergency department remains open 24/7 and available to provide care for those with urgent health needs. Other important services are slowly reopening with some restrictions.

Rep. Milroy (D-South Range) released the following statement about hospital services in the Spooner community:

"Spooner Health provides critical services for our community. It is important that patients know the facility is open and safe for care. Patients should not feel the need to delay necessary procedures and surgeries out of concern for their well-being. We can trust that the excellent staff and medical professionals at Spooner Health are prioritizing the health and safety of patients and their loved ones at all times."

Patients seeking services outside of the emergency department are encouraged to contact their provider to discuss when they can schedule a time to receive care.

Last Update: May 11, 2020 12:52 pm CDT

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