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Bayfield, WI – In the race to represent the 74th Assembly District in Northern Wisconsin, Representative Beth Meyers has declared victory over her challenger, James Bolen from Cable, WI. Beth Meyers expressed her gratitude she felt toward her supporters but emphasized her focus on the future of the state.

“This was a hard-fought race.” Meyers said, “It wouldn’t have happened without your tireless advocacy and hard work on the campaign. After all this, I’m going to take a moment to relax and recharge, and I suggest you all do the same. Because right after that, we get back to work. There is still so much I want to accomplish, and I’m so blessed that you have given me that opportunity. After months of dedicating hours every day speaking to voters, I am more charged than ever to meet this moment head on. There are far too many empty seats at kitchen tables across the state. Thousands of Wisconsinites have been lost to COVID-19, and we need leaders to step up and take this seriously. Elected officials must do everything in their power to protect the lives and health of our constituents. We must use every lever of the state to help those who are struggling right now. When I get to the Capitol, I will be a voice for all of my constituents in the 74th Assembly District, no matter who they voted for. Together, we can work towards a kinder, more just Wisconsin.”

Last Update: Nov 04, 2020 12:42 pm CST

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