Hi, my name is Robin Berlin and I am very excited to be the new Marketing Director for DrydenWire.com and its affiliates: BurnettWire.com and SawyerWire.com.

I will have many responsibilities in my role as Marketing Director but the main being to support our advertisers and partners in any and every way.

Recently, I started working with the fabulously talented Mrs. Kara Vincent who is the business partner of Ben Dryden for their website design business: DrydenVine.com. Through that relationship, the opportunity presented itself to be part of DrydenWire.com - and our new outlets in Sawyer and Burnett County - I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I have a passion for connecting businesses with the community and helping them grow.

I grew up in Eau Claire, WI and attended UWEC where I studied marketing and graphic design. Fresh out of college I worked at Greendoor Graphics in Eau Claire. My primary focus was on logo design, apparel design, and company rebranding. I realized that I really loved the creative side of marketing but most importantly I loved helping businesses grow and find success.

In 2008 there was an economic downturn in marketing and many large companies cut back on their marketing budgets drastically. I felt the cut and decided to pursue a career in healthcare. I chose Respiratory Therapy and attended CVTC from 2009-2011 and after graduation, I worked at Lakeview Medical Center in Rice Lake for 5 years.

For the last 3 years, I have been a stay at home mom caring for my two boys, Fischer and Sterling, in Shell Lake. I have truly loved my time at home raising my boys. I am very passionate about the Northwoods area of our beautiful state and I would never want to live anywhere else. Rural Wisconsin offers benefits that we often overlook.

Photo by Kara Vincent Art

With the realization that the overwhelming majority of our community members consume their news online, combined with the global takeover of social media, the news world has had to adapt, though, not all news outlets have embraced this. People from every generation are now accessing online news and our audience has become vast and multi-dimensional and DrydenWire has been at the forefront.

As the Marketing Director for DrydenWire.com, BurnettWire.com, and SawyerWire.com, I will be collaborating with our current - and new - partners and advertisers in order to develop marketing plans and strategies for their businesses to ensure their vision of success will come to fruition.  Most of our local businesses simply cannot afford to have a Marketing Director on staff - much less a department - so it is my focus to fill that role for all the businesses with whom we work. I will also provide graphic designs to meet most of our clients' needs.

Thank you for getting to know me a little and I look forward to getting to know you. I am so very excited to help support your business. 

If you would like to advertise on DrydenWire, BurnettWire, or SawyerWire, or if you simply have questions about marketing in general, please do not hesitate to email me at: robinberlin.wire@gmail.com

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