Mari Berman, of Sarona, WI, was sentenced in Washburn County Circuit Court on October 24th for Felony Possession of Amphetamines.

According to public record, in July of 2015, Mari Berman was charged with Manufacturing/Delivering Amphetamines, Possessing Amphetamines with Intent to Deliver, Possessing Marijuana with Intent to Deliver, Possessing Controlled Substances, Possessing Marijuana, and Possessing Drug Paraphernalia. A Warrant for her arrest was issued and she appeared on August 11th, 2015.

On July 13th, 2016, Ms. Berman plead guilty to Possessing Amphetamines. The rest of her charges were dismissed, however they were read in for the Court to take into consideration when deciding Berman's sentence.

Ms. Berman was sentenced to 60 days of confinement in County Jail followed by 3 years of probation under the supervision of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Probation and Parole. 

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