Sawyer County

The Sawyer County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (LOCAL #261) announced today that the collective bargaining unit members have endorsed candidate Douglas Mrotek in his bid for reelection for Sawyer County Sheriff on Tuesday, November 6th 2018.

Sheriff Mrotek represents the clear choice in leadership ability and knowledge to further lead the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department into the next decade. Sheriff Mrotek has spent countless hours working with both the Membership and the citizens of Sawyer County to enhance communication and make Sawyer County safer for all who live and visit Sawyer County.  

The Local # 261 of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association represents all Sworn Deputy Sheriff’s in the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department.

Whereby the members of the Local 261 of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association do hereby endorse candidate Douglas Mrotek For Sawyer County Sheriff, Nov 6th 2018.

Authorized and Paid for by ‘Sawyer County Deputy Sheriff Association’ Gregory G. Ripczinski Treasurer.

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