As a member of the Spooner Community, how does Youth Hockey affect me?

The Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association (SAYHA) affects the community and surrounding communities by providing man hours and skill for the ice that makes up the ice rinks at the Spooner City Park located on College Street in Spooner. SAYHA’s mission is to keep hockey as affordable as possible so that the kids in the Spooner Area can have an opportunity to try hockey. Therefore, SAYHA has partnered with the City of Spooner and has been providing all the man hours it takes to make and maintain ice at the ice rinks at City Park. This benefits you in that the community is free to use the ice rinks at no charge. This partnership benefits SAYHA by being able to utilize this outdoor ice, ice fees for SAHYA skaters are significantly lower than in other communities. 

This past summer, the City of Spooner built a new warming house that is used during the winter for ice skating and hockey and during the summer for baseball. A concession stand is also available. The warming house’s phone number is 715-635-7227 for your reference. 

Come on up to City Park and enjoy the ice rinks – they are open!!

Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association Happenings

This past week, hockey is in full swing. The SAYHA’s squirt team played at the Spooner Civic Center on Saturday, SAYHA’s peewee team participated in a tournament in Rice Lake and the Spooner/Cumberland bantam coop played at Amery and ended with a tie of 2-2. A particular highlight was that during the peewee tournament on Saturday, Travis Johnson, goalie took 99 shots on goal (if you don’t watch a lot of hockey – that’s A LOT!). Way to go Travis!

SAYHA also participated in Jack Frost Fest in Spooner, drew winners of SAYHA’s 4th annual gun raffle and gave away the commemorative jerseys from the jersey design contest. 

Molly Arf (red jersey designer), Tom Cleveland SAYHA Vice President, Tim Salo SAYHA President, Nevaeh Colegrove (white jersey designer)

This Week’s Player Highlights

Trent Lindstrom

  • Players School Grade: 5th
  • School Player Attends: Spooner Middle School
  • What SAYHA team does your player play for: Squirts
  • What does Trent like the most about playing hockey?: Scoring goals!
  • When did Trent start playing hockey?: 3 years old 
  • What are Trent’s strengths on the ice?: Passing 
  • What is your player working on on the ice?: Moving feet more and Accuracy 

Mason Sobralski

  • Players School Grade: 4th
  • School Player Attends: Spooner Elementary 
  • What SAYHA team does Mason play for?: Squirts
  • What does Mason like the most about playing hockey?: Getting to play with friends and Scoring Goals!
  • When did Mason start playing hockey?: When He was 3yrs old
  • What are Mason’s strengths on the ice? Skating, backchecking, playmaking (playmaking is a hockey term for assisting or passing to another player in order for that player to score a goal)
  • What is Mason working on on the ice?: Skating techniques, Stickhandling and Positioning
  • Any other fun facts you might what to share about Mason?: Mason also enjoys camping, football, baseball, golfing, fishing, drawing, hunting, four wheeling, and collecting cards

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