WASHBURN COUNTY -- The Court has sentenced Traci Cooke on convictions for a Stone Lake, WI drug bust that occurred in May 2020.

The Washburn County, Sawyer County, and Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation, Narcotic Unit’s executed a search warrant at W1200 HWY 70 Stone Lake, WI on May 21, 2020. Officers located a large quantity of methamphetamine totaling 55 grams during the search, and two people were arrested; Traci Cooke and John Phalen.

Online circuit court records show that multiple court cases were subsequently filed against Cooke in Washburn County Circuit Court charging her with 3 counts of Class E Felony Manuf/Deliver Amphetamine(>3-10g); 2 counts of Class H Felony Bail Jumping; Class I Felony Possession of Methamphetamine; and Possess w/ Intent-Amphetamine(>3-10g).

Cooke appeared most recently for a hearing on December 15, 2021. The Court accepted a 3-year Deferred Judgment of Conviction Agreement for Cooke regarding one count of Class E Felony Manuf/Deliver Amphetamine(>3-10g). Cooke also entered pleas of guilty on amended counts of Misdemeanor Possess Amphetamine; Misdemeanor Bail Jumping; and Misdemeanor Obstructing/Resisting.

The Court ordered Cooke to serve 3 years of probation for each conviction (to be served concurrently) and 12 months of conditional jail time, imposed and stayed. Although details of the conditions of Cooke’s Deferred Judgment of Conviction Agreement were not listed in online court records, conditions of probation will prohibit Cooke from consuming or possessing any controlled substances unless prescribed or associating with drug users or dealers.

DrydenWire previously published a post in February 2021, regarding the sentencing of Phalen for his convictions of Class D Felony Manuf/Deliver Amphetamine(>10-50g), Repeater. The remaining charges against Phalen were read in and dismissed at a hearing in December 2020. The Court ordered a 10-year sentence for Phalen; 4 years initial confinement in state prison followed by 6 years of extended supervision. Conditions of supervision will require Phalen to maintain absolute sobriety.

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